5 Best Foot Fetish Sites

Here are the best foot fetish sites in 2024. These will let you find someone with a similar fetish, or share your own feet with others.

You may be looking just for dates or even if it’s just something digital. When you think of “feet”, think of this article.

Every single site on this list is full of users who’re into kinks. In fact, you’d find specific search filters for “foot fetish” on most of them. This will get you profiles of interested users within seconds.

If you aren’t the interactive type, you can also just use the 100% free groups and photo albums available on these fetish websites. These are real people, with real photos not charging you anything to look at their feet!

Let’s get started then?

The 5 Best Foot Fetish Sites in 2024

These are the top foot fetish sites and will get you what you’re searching for:

1. Ashley Madison

Website: https://www.ashleymadison.com/

Primary features:

  • Does have “Kink” tags
  • 80million+ users
  • Impressive privacy and anonymity features
  • Free for women
  • Free profile browsing
  • Private albums
  • Apps for Android & iOS

Imagine a dating platform made primarily for extramarital affairs. Most of the users here are either married, or engaged.  The user-group here already thinks outside the box and hence your chances of finding your foot fetish partner are the highest here.

The website has over 80 million users so that’s no small number of options either, is it?

You can select your “desires and interests” on Ashley Madison. It has this “Kinky” tag you can select. As soon as you log in, it would show you dozens of profiles which have the same interests as you.

Obviously foot fetish isn’t something you’d probably flaunt around in public. Ashley Madison actually takes a lot of care as far as your privacy goes. It lets you hide your profile pictures with masks, add blurs or don’t even upload one of if you don’t want to.

You can visit any profile even if you’re a free member. If you find a profile you like, you can text them instantly. If you’re not very outgoing, you can simply send them a “wink” and they will get back to you (hopefully).

What goes best with foot fetish? “Pictures of feet”. And Ashley Madison lets you upload those (and anything else) to your “private album”. These albums contain these photos but can only be viewed after you share a key with the other party.

And yes, Ashley Madison is not just for your computer browsers. It has native apps both for Android and iOS.

Ashley Madison also shows you who viewed you, even for free profiles.

2. AdultFriendFinder

Website: https://adultfriendfinder.com/

Primary features:

  • All the “social network” features
  • Very sex-oriented and kinky user bsae
  • Real & verified profiles
  • 3 dozen+ search filters
  • Paid plans start at $19.95/month.

AdultFriendFinder in the simplest words is a “social network for sex”. It too has one of the largest user-bases on the planet, most of which are into the weirdest kinds of things.

It’s a social network in the sense that it has everything a social network does. A feed/wall you can post text/images to, people broadcasting their webcams live, groups and so on.

You can literally just post “I’m into foot fetish” and a few dozen requests should pop up for you.

There are multiple ways you can interact with profiles. You can send them friend-requests, gifts, tips or flirts.

On AFF, you can always see who viewed you as well as which profiles you’ve viewed in the past.

AFF has probably some of the most advanced search filters I’ve ever seen. You can literally “custom-tailor” the profile you’re looking for.

AFF custom filters

You set these right and you’d have quite a few thousand profiles interested in foot fetish.

You simply hover over a profile and details such as profile verification, introduction, what they’re interested in, age, gender etc. are shown. You can click on a profile for a closer look, however the detailed profile access is only for paid users.

While it can totally be used for free, paid profiles will cost you $19.95/month.

3. Fetlife

Website: https://fetlife.com/

Primary features:

  • Dedicated groups and search-filters for foot fetish (and other kinks).
  • 100% of its users are into kinks.
  • Kink-specific site & profile features
  • Custom e-mail Id for each profile
  • Verified profiles

Fetlife is a site dedicated to fetish and BDSM. What makes it one of the best foot fetish sites is its “groups”. I searched for “Foot fetish” on the search bar and I got over a dozen foot fetish groups!

Fetlife foot fetish groups

Each of these groups have thousands of posts with people posting their feet or wanting to meet people who’d like their feet or vice-versa!

Then, because it’s a kink site you can simply click on a kink to find profiles with that kink. It literally has this very direct “Nylon legs and feet” tag I’m sure you’d appreciate.

fetlife profiles tags

The one major downside on Fetlife? You must verify not just your e-mail ID, but also your phone number!

It also has this very unique phone-upload feature though. Without logging in or downloading anything, you can upload photos to your profile. Each profile on Fetlife gets its own e-mail ID. You send anything here from any ID and it gets uploaded.

You can certainly add friends and chat with them. Browsing all profiles is 100% free. At the least, you can simply search for “foot fetish”, go to one of the profiles and look through their pictures.

The site is slightly different than most others on this list. You can attach tags like “slave of @username”, “dominant of @username”, “protecting @username” and so on.

It does have the “verified” tick for profiles which have been verified. These are the safest people to approach.

Fetlife is 100% free. You can access all its features without having to pay anything.

4. Fetster

Website: https://www.fetster.com/

Primary features:

  • 100% free forever
  • Feet-dedicated group
  • Thousands of members already into foot fetish
  • Add/message people for free

If you need one of the best foot fetish dating sites that’s also completely and forever free, Fetster is what you should be looking at. Everything from looking at profiles, sending friend requests, joining groups to photo & video sharing is absolutely free.

When you login, you’re shown dozens of profiles you can click on. These are people who’ve entered similar kinks and fetishes during sign up as you.

The site offers 50+ filters you can use to find the kink that turns you on the most. You can also just do a normal search with “feet” in it. It’ll show you all the member which have “”feet” in  them, exactly what you need, right?

Here’s a screenshot of the many profiles a simple search yielded for me. I’m certain these are exactly what you’re looking for.

Fetster profiles

Similarly if you go to its “groups” and do a search, you’ll find tons of groups who’re into feet.

There’s even a wall and one of the first posts I saw there was about feet.

You can add people as friends, add them as “favourites”, send them gifts and obviously send them personal messages, all for free.


Website: https://bdsm.com/

Primary features:

  • Foot-fetish search filter
  • Other BDSM-features
  • Groups with foot fetish enthusiasts
  • Mostly free
  • Add people/send messages for free

BDSM, as the name suggests is obviously dedicated to BDSM. It’s almost identical to AdultFriendFinder when it comes to interface. The user-database surely isn’t the same.

Like AFF, it too has confirmed & verified profiles. Moreover, you can literally select “Podophilia (Foot Fetish)” as one of your kinks. This tells others what you’re into, and anyone else directly searching for foot  fetish will see your profile!

In fact, you can select many different “reasons” for selecting this specific kink!

BDSM com search filters

There obviously are the groups you can go with. These, alike Fetster let you search for keywords. I did search for “foot” and a lot of groups did come up with users interested in foot fetish.

You can add people, send message, tips or send flirts. It does have a few restrictions though.  You can’t view profiles, photos or other contents of the profile.

It also shows you who viewed you or sent you flirts.

Final words- which are the best foot fetish sites in 2024?

Ashley Madison is the best answer when it comes to finding people for almost any kind of sexual encounter, even digital.

Except Ashley Madison, most of the other sites are similar if not completely identical to each other. Any of these can be labelled as the best sites for foot fetish as most of these have specific search filters exactly for foot fetish.

When not, they’ve at least got a BDSM/Kink-loving community. You certainly won’t find your foot-partner by staying on this list, go on then see which of these is the best foot fetish sites for you.

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