Best Married Hookup Apps

Here are the best married hookup apps in 2024. If you’re married and still need someone to spend time with, you’re at the right place.

These aren’t random dating sites. Each one of these primarily consists of married individuals looking for new connections and partners. Some of these apps even offer privacy and anonymity features.

Let’s get you a fresh start then?

Best married hookup apps in 2024

This article will introduce the following best hookups apps for married people:

Wish to save time? Go with Ashley Madison. Time not an issue? Give Gleeden, Hinge and the other apps here a try.

1. Ashley Madison


Ashley Madison is the best of these married hookup apps. It’s world’s first extra-martial affair website & app and currently flaunts over 70 million registered users!

When signing up, you get to select your relationship status. It has options such as attached male/female seeking males/females; attached unmarried female seeking males and so on.

Point is, every user on Ashley Madison is probably married, or doesn’t have any problem with you being married.

Signing up is absolutely free. No location-lock either. You can enter a location manually. This helps you find a new partner at a separate location where your current partner hopefully won’t walk in on you.

If you’re travelling, it even has a feature called “Travelling Man”. It lets you find partners at your destination before you leave!

You must verify your e-mail though. Uploading photos isn’t mandatory. Profiles have a public as well as a private album. Profiles aren’t ultra-detailed rather keep it short, crisp and non-boring.

You can lock the app with your fingerprint, PIN as well as a more hardcore 2-FA. Unlike most other hookup apps for married people, it doesn’t use the Tinder-like swipe feature. Rather, a bunch of profiles (based on the location you select) are shown, you can revisit profiles as many times as you’d like.

As for its search filters, all the basics such as age, location, profiles with photos, languages etc. are available.

Finally, because AM is for married people, it makes sure any and all your payments to Ashley Madison are anonymous as well! Ashley Madison is never mentioned on your credit card bill or anywhere else!

Talking of anonymity, unlike most other apps here, users aren’t alerted or notified when you visit their profiles. You also can’t link your other social media accounts to AM!


  • Exclusively for married dating
  • 70million+ users
  • Locked photos
  • Anonymous payments
  • Most professional interface
  • Stealth browsing by default


  • Not free for men

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2. Hinge


The official Hinge tagline says- “Designed to be deleted”. That says a lot about the app’s ideology, doesn’t it?

Now, Hinge brings in a few fresh features which most other apps miss out on. For starters, it only allows logging in with Facebook, or a mobile number. This massively reduces spam profiles.

Then, it claims to use some kind of “Nobel prize winning” algorithm for its match making!

It  allows uploading videos and isn’t just limited to profile photos! In fact, it’s mandatory to upload at least 6 photos before you can like/message people!

I love its prompts! You can set upto 3 prompts, others get to answer these prompts! (These are mandatory too).

Another unique feature? Voice prompts! This is like a short “intro” on your profile, but in your voice! The app even has a “matching guide” which teaches you how to find better matches! It’s even capable of learning your “type” and improving suggestions!

There’s no GPS lock either. So, you’re free to find users from anywhere you like (far away from your actual partner).

Then, it offers extremely detailed profiles. Age, gender, location, education, job, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and everything else is covered. In fact, its profile interface is like no other dating app ever.


  • Nearly half a million subscribers
  • Very unique features
  • Unique profile interface and data
  • Independent locations (no GPS lock)
  • Very few spam/scam profiles.


  • Limited to 8 likes/day.

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3. Gleeden


Gleeden is one of my personal favourite married dating apps. It offers the best interface and arguably the best search filters which make it the one of the best married hookup apps 2022.

It’s exclusively for extra martial affairs. It’s accessible both as a dating site for married men as well as an app. On the app, you can also set a PIN which is required for unlocking the app.

Once you login, it’ll show you hundreds of profiles, geographically close to you. It shows every profile which visits you, everyone who sent you a “crush” and also those who favourite you.

Does have a very impressive instant messaging feature. The best part? The messages get auto-deleted!

Has sections for “online members”, “new members”, “recent visitors” etc. Helps find people easily.

It even lets you hide your notifications and choose the Gleeden icon manually! Your partner will never know what the app is!

The search-filters will make you happy. For starters, you totally can filter based on someone’s “martial status”. Ethnicity, location, photo-availability are some other filters. (The web-version offers many other filters as well).


  • Millions of users
  • Self-deleting messages
  • Impressive UI
  • Advanced search-filters


  • No “match” feature.

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4. Victoria Milan


Victoria Milan boasts over 8.4million registered members. It pays a lot of attention to anonymity. It’s one of these hookup apps for married people because it clearly says it’s an app for “married and attached dating”.

The app does show you who visited your profile for free. It also shows you who favourited you.

Being honest? The app can’t really be used without payments. You can only send messages if you’re a paid user. Paying will unlock unlimited chats, complete access to everyone who likes you, and will let you request access to private photos.

You can like people for free though. Profiles too can be browsed for free, generally include multiple photos, physical features, salary, wealth, education, orientation, sex drive etc. The app even lets you request specific bits of information if it’s not publicly posted.

On top of private albums, it does let users blur and mask their profile photos. The search-filters are impressive.  You can select an age-range, location, height/weight, diet, eyes, facial hair, tattoos, turn-ons, sex drive and a lot more.

Does have a gift feature however those require “credits” which need to be purchased.

It has this dedicated “online” page which always shows online members! Finally, I love the fact that every text and photo is manually reviewed by a VM moderator. It does delay the posts a bit and that may be a problem for some.


  • 8M+ users
  • Professional UI
  • Acceptable search-filters
  • In-built chat


  • All text and photo requires approval.

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5. Seeking


This one’s pretty interesting. The entire concept is –“ to help beautiful individuals find successful/rich partners, and vice-versa”. I agree, it’s a tad-bit materialistic but sugar dating isn’t a new concept, is it?

It’s location independent, something that I believe all married hookup apps should be. And yes, it does cater to married individuals. In fact, when signing up, there’s the “relationship” option labelled- married but looking for someone to talk to.

Furthermore, you can select tags like “no strings attached”, “open relationship”, “discretion” under the “what are you seeking” section.

The interface is much like Tinder (swipe-based), but, you get unlimited swipes and the “rewind” option for free.

Profiles are extremely detailed, fully accessible for free. Height, body type, smoking/drinking habits, children preferences, location, what they’re looking for and a lot more is displayed.

It also has an amazing verification feature. You’ll find not just “photo verified” profiles, but also profiles with verified income and other background information.

Alike Ashley Madison, it too allows for both public, as well as Private albums. It has in-built chat as well as video calling features. It’s 100% free for women.

All profiles go through a basic verification to avoid spam. Of course, paid users can skip this step.


  • Very open-minded community
  • Extremely detailed profiles
  • Unlimited swipes/rewinds
  • Verified profiles


  • You either have to be rich, or beautiful.

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6. AM

I’ve a personal feeling that this app is inspired by Ashley Madison. Its name definitely sounds similar. The logo too is very similar to AM’s logo for mobile devices.

Its tagline does say “affair dating”. However, is this one of the best married hook up apps that work? We’ll see.

The app lets you signup for free, without requiring e-mail or any other verification. Uploading a profile photo is mandatory though.

As for the UI, there’s a feed-like interface which shows profiles, age, location, and distance from you. If you go into the profiles, there’s an about section, educational qualification, children preferences etc.

A Tinder-like interface exists as well. Shows random profiles and lets you swipe left/right. Even has a “story” feature, something that seems borrowed from Instagram.

It has this “sugar” feature which is basically like “gifts”. What really hurts is that you can’t send messages or even check contact info without paying!

You can see who visited your profile, but again, only if you’re a paid users. Even has a “popularity” metric, which you can increase by doing various things such as completing profile, posting a story, getting verified etc. The higher your popularity, higher your chances of getting discovered.

Does offer a 7-day free trial though.


  • Acceptable user-base
  • Feed + Tinder like UI available
  • Social-elements (likes, commenting) increase engagement


  • Isn’t very useful if you don’t pay.

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Tips for married dating

Dating and “married dating” are two very different things. A lot more is at stake (your relationship, your partner, and probably a very expensive divorce). So, here are some tips to help you do this better:

  • If possible, try to get consent from your partner before signing up for married dating.
  • Try to use apps like Ashley Madison, which do not tell the whole world when you view someone’s profile.
  • Location-independent apps are very important. If you use a GPS-locked apps, you’ll only find people near you (and your partner, scary!).
  • Blackmailing is very popular on these apps. It’s best you interact only with verified profiles, or those which look genuine (lots of photos, completed profile, good no. of gifts/connections etc.).

Summing it up- Which are the best married hookup apps in 2024?

Ashley Madison is the absolute best.

This is because it’s anonymous, doesn’t require social media integration, doesn’t snitch on you when you browse someone’s profile, has private albums, offers in-app security features and even hides your payments to Ashley Madison.

Hinge, Victoria Milan or Gleeden are equally good options even though they’re not as anonymous.

Most other apps will give you a Tinder-like interface. If you’re looking for the “match” feature, those should help you.

I hope this list helped you find the best married hookup apps in 2024? If they did, do me a favour and go find someone you actually like this time.

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