9 Best Dating Sites like POF (Plenty of Fish)

Are you looking for the best dating sites like POF (Plenty of Fish)? If yes, then you will find this blog post helpful. Today, I am going to share a list of top POF alternatives for 2024. Also, I will share a quick review of each website so that you can decide which Plenty of Fish alternative is the right for you to go with.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started-

The 9 Best Dating Sites like POF (Plenty of Fish) In 2024

1. Ashley Madison

Website: https://www.ashleymadison.com/

If you are a regular reader of our blog, then you must be aware of how much I admire Ashley Madison. That is because Ashley Madison is by far the best online dating platform that I’ve ever used.

There are a lot of reasons why I compliment Ashley Madison, but the most important one is security and privacy. Ashley Madison is the platform that mainly markets itself as a discreet affair dating platform, and since they are targeting married people, they keep privacy and security on priority.

Even though it promotes itself as a married dating platform, a report revealed that almost 60% of the users on the platform are unmarried singles. Therefore, being married is not a criterion, and almost anyone who is an adult and interested in adult dating can join the platform.

The platform boasts a massive user base of over 80 million users, and a significant majority of Ashley Madison users prefer having short-term relationships. Thus, if you are keener towards short-term dating or casual sexual encounters, Ashley Madison can be a good choice for you.

That said, if you are more inclined towards long-term relationships, then Ashley Madison might certainly not be the best shot for you.

As I already told you, Ashley Madison is very keen on the privacy of its users. Because of that, they don’t ask you to enter any personal information sans your email. Even it strongly advocates creating a separate email to sign up on the platform.

On top of that, the platform offers a bunch of additional features, such as self-destructive messages, auto blur photos, hide my profile, and others that take its privacy and security to another level.

Ashley Madison is entirely free for female users. However, if you are a male user, you need to buy some credits to attain some features. But they offer a free membership plan as well, so it is not necessary to pay for their services.

2. Match

Website: https://www.match.com/

Match is probably the oldest online dating platform that was born in 1995, even before Google itself. Because of that, many people overlook Match.com thinks that it is an outdated platform, and it doesn’t have much potential compared to other trendy apps and websites.

But that is not true, at least entirely. Even though Match.com is a bit dated, it has survived this long for some good reasons. This platform has adapted many updates from an algorithmic standpoint while being extremely basic and stripped back in nature.

It is also the USP of the platform as not many people don’t feel safe with websites with complex designs and porny content. The platform has a very similar “profile liking” system as Tinder. The discover page gives more of a vibe of a window-shopping experience.

While the platform has a simple and minimal user interface, the search filter is pretty extensive. You can use these filters to filtrate profiles according to their location, height, body time, eye color, weird fetishes they have, and much more.

The user base of Match is pretty decent. They boast around 22 million registered users, and out of them, almost 8 million have paid subscriptions. However, every user has to disclose their relationship status, and they only get three options to choose from – never married, separated, or divorced.

Even if you think that you can lie while answering these questions, it won’t work. That is because most of the Match.com users are keen on serious, committed relationships rather than short-term hookup kind of stuff.

This is also the reason why Match claims to have produced more marriages and long-term relationships than any other dating site on the internet. In addition to that, Match guarantees that if you don’t get a partner within six months, you will get an additional six months membership for free.

The one-month premium membership will cost you $14.99. But if you are ready to commit to the platform for six months, then this membership cost will boil down to $9.99 a month.

3. Zoosk

Website: https://www.zoosk.com/

Zoosk is another popular dating platform which is offering its services for a very long time. This online global dating platform was born in 2007, and since then, its primary goal was to help and connect like-minded people looking for dating.

Right now, Zoosk has made a community of over 40 million users, and it operates in 80 different countries worldwide. It is a multilingual platform that gets translated into 25 different languages, making it a truly global online dating platform.

Hence, it doesn’t matter which part of the world you live in; Zoosk could be a perfect POF alternative for you. Having said that, the majority of Zoosk users are primarily interested in long-term commitments, and therefore, I only suggest you choose Zoosk only if that is your cup of tea.

Even though you will find people of all age groups on the website, almost 60% of the users fall within the age range of 25-40. Also, the gender distribution on the platform is not that bad. They have around seven females per ten males, which is decent, if not better, than others.

Zoosk is a feature-rich platform that offers many excellent features. One of its most exciting features is SmartPick. It is a profile recommendation algorithm that smartly tracks your behavior and then, according to that, suggests potential matches.

To keep their platform safe from fake profiles, Zoosk follows a profile verification process. They perform it very rigorously and failing it restricts users from accessing the platform. It is an excellent add-on in its security, but it also becomes a thing of concern from a privacy point of view.

The user interface of the website is fairly minimal and straightforward. The account creation process hardly takes a couple of minutes. Here you will have to enter your personal information such as DOB, location, name, etc.

Zoosk offers a free membership plan, but that gives very restricted access to its features. therefore, it becomes a must to opt for its premium membership. The best thing is that you can get a premium membership at as low as $12.50 a month, making it one of the most budget-friendly options on this list.

4. Facebook Dating

Website: https://www.facebook.com/dating

Many people are not aware of it, but in September 2019, Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook Dating to the world. Even though Facebook Dating arrived too late in the industry, it does have the potential to be your go-to option for online dating.

Despite being a relatively new platform, Facebook has managed to get massive popularity. In October 2020, Facebook claimed that around 1.5 billion matches had been made through the platform. To put that in thorough perspective, Tinder has reportedly created over 55 billion matches within its journey of eight years.

Now I don’t blindly believe in numbers, but yeah, despite being a new kid in the online dating industry, Facebook has definitely shown some good potential. So far, Facebook Dating is available in 20 different countries, and soon we can expect it to launch in other regions as well.

Facebook has not revealed any public information about the number of registered Facebook Dating users or monthly active users. But after further digging into many statistics and polling data, I came across a survey done on 21,242 Americans.

According to that survey, around 33% of people said they knew about Facebook Dating, while only 9% had used it. 10% of respondents who did not know about the platform said they would like to give it a try. So, if I put that in further context, Facebook might have around 30 million US users only.

The best thing about Facebook Dating is that it is entirely free. Users don’t have to pay a single penny to use it. But that is something that bothers me. As they say, if something online is free, then you are not the customer – you are the product.

And considering Facebook’s history with user data, I cannot trust Facebook that easily. At least after the Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal where Facebook willfully compromised the data of over 87 million users without user permission.

But if you are okay with that, then Facebook Dating does have some novel features and functionality. The male-to-female gender ratio is highly appealing, and the user base is continuously growing. The only shortcoming of the platform is – it’s Facebook.

5. Adult Friend Finder

Website: https://adultfriendfinder.com/

Adult Friend Finder is wholly a different platform than what I’ve mentioned in this list so far. Adult Friend Finder is an adult dating cum social media platform that can be a much better POF alternative for people looking for casual hookups and sexual encounters.

Having that said, you can surely find people on the platform interested in long-term dating as well, but if that is your primary goal, I would not recommend you to use Adult Friend Finder.

Adult Friend Finder is a product of the Friend Finder network, and it boasts a massive user base of over 90 million registered users. This huge user base can drastically increase your chances of getting laid very soon.

However, around 30 percent of its total users come from the United States only. Therefore, it would be one of the best POF alternatives for you if you are from the US region. Another great thing about its user base is that it has users from all age groups and all different sexual orientations.

If we talk about the user interface, it’s nice. The user interface is very simple and visually appealing. But before visiting the website, be aware of your surroundings because the website contains a lot of porny content that might be NSFW for you.

However, if you are okay with the content on the website, you will have a lot of fun on the platform. That is because Adult Friend Finder is much more than an adult dating platform. You can basically consider it as a social media platform but for adult individuals.

AFF allows you to create and maintain your profile as you can on any other social media platform. You can send requests, make friends, publish posts and your weird fetishes, photos, videos, and even you can do live streams.

The only major drawback of the platform is its membership gimmick. Even though AFF offers a free membership, you will get very restricted access to the features, and you need to opt for a paid membership to enjoy the platform.

6. Feeld

Website: https://feeld.co/

Feeld is one of the similar kinds of websites like Plenty of Fish that you can use to spice up your boring sex life. Please note that it is another sex-positive adult dating app, so if you are looking for a long-term dating partner, it shouldn’t be the right choice for you.

Having that said, Feeld, formerly known as 3ender, is an open-minded dating platform that offers its services to people with a wide pallet of sexual preferences and fetishes. The platform allows users to choose from 20 different gender and sexuality identity options.

This adult dating app is quite popular among polyamorous couples who want to bring a third person into their bedroom. It is the main reason around 60% of Feeld users have signed up on the platform as a couple.

But that is not the end, and there are plenty of users to explore other kinks and fetishes as well. After all, it is a very active platform, and their statistics show that they get 500,000 active users on a weekly basis.

One thing that impressed me the most about Feeld is that despite being a sex-positive dating platform, they don’t allow nudity and porny content on their website. It is really a difficult yet impressive step that they have taken to ensure that users feel safe on the platform.

The platform takes the security and privacy of its users very seriously, and as a result, they have managed to create a respectful adult online community. Whether you talk about users’ personal information or group chat features, Feeld is much safer than any other platform on the internet.

Still, one major drawback that I think about the platform is its sign-up process. Users have to connect their social media sites, especially Facebook. Even though the platform has a feature that allows you to stay invisible to your Facebook friends, it is still a thing of concern for many.

But due to that social media verification process, the number of fake profiles is significantly lesser on the platform than on any other adult dating platform. It is a big plus, and it is one of the main reasons this community is rapidly growing.

7. Tinder

Website: https://tinder.com

Last but not least, we have Tinder on our list. After all, it is one of the few websites that has reportedly reached the mark of making 50 billion matches in its entire tenure. Still, if you are unaware of Tinder, let me tell you that Tinder is an online dating site like POF.

Even though Tinder can be used on a desktop, I won’t suggest using that since the app offers more functionality. To sign up on the platform, you can use the social media login option, but you can sign up using a separate email if you don’t want to share your social media data with Tinder.

Tinder stands among some of the most popular online dating platforms, and right now, it is estimated to have over 60 million registered users. Out of them, almost 28 million are only from the US, and therefore, if you are from the US, I highly suggest you give it a try.

Tinder’s community is also very active, and their statistical data says that they get over 8,000,000 monthly active users. However, like all other online dating platforms, Tinder is also dominated by male members than females.

The user interface of the platform is very engaging and eye-pleasing. It is also very easy to use, and the popular profile swiping feature is the cherry on the cake. The pinkish-ambient color theme goes really well with the minimal type appearance of the app.

The best thing about Tinder is its free membership. Free users get decent access to the features like exploring nearby profiles, initiating conversations, and others. However, they will have restricted access to all these features on a daily or weekly basis.

Users can opt for a premium membership to unlock this limit and get access to other premium features. Premium membership cost starts at 14.99 USD for a month, but if you sign up for an annual membership plan, this monthly pricing can boil down to 6.92 USD for a month.

Some of the noticeable premium features of Tinder are the ability to send Superlikes to the users you want to connect with and Superboost your profile. You can also use the rewind feature to see profiles that you’ve swiped earlier.

8. Bumble 

Website: https://bumble.com/

Bumble is a site similar to PlentyofFish but also has its own unique features. It is similar as it too works on the left/right swipe interface. You match with people if you right swipe on someone, and they right swipe on you too.

Now, what makes it different is it’s a women-driven platform. The female must initiate a conversation within 24 hours of matching. If not done, the match disappears. 

This helps keep the spams and desperate men away.

It even has 3 different modes. Apart from dates, you can also use Bumble Biz for finding team members, mentors or other business related individuals. Similarly, there’s Buble BFF that lets you find “friends” without strictly looking for relationships or hookups. 

While it’s mostly “location” based, that’s not the only way to find friends. It has a “Travel mode” that lets you search partners away from your current location. You can also use its advanced filters that let you filter for height, body type, smoking habits, kid preferences and a lot more. It also has “verified profiles” which further reduce scam chances. It also shows you who liked/viewed you. Then again, there’s an incognito mode that gives you more privacy and only shows your profile to those you’ve liked! 

9. OkCupid 

Website: https://www.okcupid.com/

OkCupid has been here for over 20 years. That by itself is a testimonial and credibility booster, isn’t it?

It’s similar to POF as it too is a dating platform. It too works on the “swipe” feature. 

OkCupid largely functions on a “questionnaire” model. While signing up, you fill in answers to a few questions. OkCupid then searches and displays your best matches to you based on your answers. It also shows a “match percent” for each profile which is its USP. The higher the match %, the higher the chances are that the person has similar interests and goals as you. 

It also lets you set “dealbreakers”. Anyone not conforming to one of your dealbreaker nullifies all other points and isn’t matched with you.

The problem is, it has a mandatory “picture” requirement. You can not proceed without uploading at least one picture.

The best part however is that this POF alternative is 100% free. Not just account creation, but finding matches or interacting with users as well!

Closing Comments

There you have 9 best dating sites like POF.

By now, you must have figured out which one of the above-mentioned websites is going to be the best POF alternative for you. After all, we mentioned the best sites like Plenty of Fish out there. However, if you are still confused, I suggest you go with Ashley Madison. It is by far one of the most promising websites like POF, and I am sure you will not get disappointed.

Obviously, Match and Zoosk are equally great alternatives to POF, and you can go with any of these if a long-term relationship is your primary goal. But again, Ashley Madison is the all-rounder, and you can use it for both short-term and long-term datings.

With that said, here I am signing off. I hope this article helped you to find suitable POF alternatives for you.

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