12 Best Sites like FetLife

Some of the best sites like Fetlife are what I’ve included in this list for 2024. BDSM and kinks are still not socially accepted. Well, the sites listed below will let you find partners with similar interests in seconds.

Most of these websites even have specific “kink” tags and filters. You can choose exactly what in BDSM excited you. The filters let you find people who like what you’re searching for.

Doesn’t matter where you live, most of these sites are globally available. And hey, every single user there is already a BDSM-lover, no awkwardness or judgement there.

If you’re in a hurry, just pick the first option I’ve listed. It’s best in terms of user-base, privacy and professionalism.

The 12 Best Sites Like Fetlife in 2024

Every single site listed here is almost exclusively dedicated to BDSM and kink dating. If that’s what you’re here for, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Ashley Madison
  • Alt
  • BondagePal
  • Fetster
  • Free Classifieds
  • Wall Classifieds
  • BDSM Singles
  • H1 Ads
  • GiganticList
  • My BDSM Hookups
  • Kinkoo
  • Benaughty (not BDSM-exclusive).

1. Ashley Madison

Website: https://www.ashleymadison.com/

When it comes to non-traditional dating, noting beats Ashley Madison. By “non-traditional”, I mean it’s a website that’s primarily made for married dating.  But then again, BDSM too isn’t a very traditional (or even socially welcomed) form of desire, is it?

On Ashley Madison, you’d find over 60 million users! That means you’ve more options than you’d ever need.

More importantly, no one ever gets to know you’re using the site or that you’re into BDSM/Kinks.

The company takes your privacy very seriously. For starters, you get complete and full control over who gets to view your photos! You can even add masks and blurs to your photos to make them unrecognizable.

As for BDSM, you can chat in real-time with the other users. Just find someone you like, and see if they’re into the same things as you. Even without that, the profiles have very direct sexual preferences listed. This information is free for everyone.

Travelling somewhere? Ashley Madison has a dedicated feature to help you find someone in the city you’re travelling to!

Want to get noticed? It has a “priority message” feature. The interface is very professional as well. It even shows you who’s online, their age, full size photos, physical features, what interests them, languages they speak and a lot more absolutely free!

You can search for profiles based on their distance from you, if they have private photos, last login date/time, relationship status, physical features etc.

It’s not just a website but also available as Android and iOS apps! You’d not be disappointed even if you’re looking for a website better than Fetlife, Ashley Madison is that.

2. Alt

Website: http://alt.com/

With over 938,147 active members, Alt.com is probably one of the most member-rich BDSM dating sites. Hey, it’s a very specific and particular niche, so yes; the numbers are impressive.

Registration is completely anonymous. However, do not fill in gibberish. Each profile goes thorough a verification and is “denied” if you create a spam profile.

No personal data required. You only need to confirm your e-mail ID. It’s one of the most “social” websites like Fetflife on this list.  Why so?

Well, for starters, there’s a “feed”. You can create new posts and users can comment/react to those posts.

As far as resemblance to Fetflife goes, well it without doubt is a BDSM/kink partner-finder.

It has some very descriptive kinks you can fill out, and choose from. Just some of these are blood, bondage, blindfolds, chains, candle wax, torture, kidnapped roleplay etc.

It also has a direct kink search feature. You can directly search for the kink which turns you on the most. There are over a few hundred kinks for you to choose from!

A few more generic features include adding friends, sending “flirts”, gifts etc. There’s another feature which shows you who viewed your profile!

You can’t view complete profiles without subscribing. However, hovering over profile photos displays the age, location, profile data, their interests etc.

Plans start at about $$20.09/month. Do note that free members can’t contact you unless you get a profile “enhancer”.

3. BondagePal

Website: https://www.bdsmhookups.com/

The name makes it clear why it may be an alternative to Fetlife, doesn’t it?

I loved its gender and sexuality options. I mean, you can literally find over a dozen genders and half a dozen sexualities when registering. This makes sure you can express yourself to the truest extent.

It’s pro-privacy. You’re asked to fill a name, but, not your real-name. It auto-suggests thousands of names you can choose from. Moreover, it strictly prohibits you from sharing contact details in the bio/intro sections.

What makes it most similar to Fetlife? You get to choose your bed-preferences. It offers options such as “dominant”, “switch”,  “brat”, “sissy” and many others.

You can even choose your interests. Options  include bondage, humiliation, wax, latex, voyeurism and so much more.

It also has this unique “send flirts” feature. In other words, you get to write up to 500 words of “flirt” (or bio/intro/ anything interesting). The website then auto-sends it to people who match your criteria.

What’s a bit unacceptable (to me) is that all the sent flirts are manually reviewed. While not a “privacy-breach”, I’m still not comfortable. But hey, it’s not a deal-breaker.

It also has an in-built photo editing tool which allows cropping photos for anonymity. It allows uploading 9 photos at once and even offers “advise” on how to make the photos more appealing.

As far as the search-filters go, you can search for gender, sexuality, age, distance-range, and location.

The best part is you get complete access to profiles. Sending messages requires paid subscription. Although do note that the user-database isn’t very impressive for now.

Let’s move to another alternative on the list of best sites like Fetlife.

4. Fetster

Website: https://www.fetster.com/

Fetster markets itself as “a 100% free BDSM dating site”. While that’s exciting, the registration form isn’t. In other words, you’ll need to fill in a very long form in order to register.

On the flip side, it makes sure every single profile on Fetster is extremely detailed. Also, this discourages spammers or those who aren’t serious!

It does require your “real name” for registration, it’s not shown to the other Fetster members.

As far as the BDSM angle goes, you get to select your orientation right there during registration. You can either be a switch, slave, dominator, crossdresser or be interested in roleplay, cuckold, daddydom and a lot more. Fetster accepts people belonging to over 12 different genders as well.

What’s your ultimate goal? Is it a relationship? Finding artists? No strings attached fun? You get to select that as well. This keeps things honest and transparent between you and your future partner.

Once you do log in, you can either join groups, or view user profiles directly.  There’s even a confession section, it’s anonymous.

You’re granted completely unrestricted access to user profiles, their photos, friends and gifts! The best part? You can even send messages to other users, absolutely free!

The search-filters are more than impressive. Apart from physical features, education, religion, gender etc. you can even search for “sizes” of different body parts (if you know what I mean).

Finally, there’s also a verification feature. It’s not very visible but the admins do verify profiles. It’s on an “individual case” basis and not for each profile.

5. Free Ads Time

Website: https://www.freeadstime.org/

This isn’t a BDSM-exclusive alternative to Fetlife and yet gets the job done. Or I must say that Free Ads Time is one of the classified ads sites like Bedpage.

Anyone can post ads for anything! That includes ads for BDSM partners. You can either search for such ads or post one yourself if you don’t find anything to your liking.

Obviously, the site can also be used to list businesses and sell almost any other product as well. There are hundreds of categories, some of which include vehicles, services, pets, jobs, wrap ads and many more.

It lets you choose precise locations (country+ state+ city) to make sure you find someone near you.

The site is 100% free to use. Both posting an ad, and searching for one doesn’t cost a penny. Even contacting the users who posted these ads is free!

6. WallClassifieds

Website: https://www.wallclassifieds.com/

This is another classified ads site that can be used to post an ad for just about everything. It has a simple interface, you can directly search for BDSM (or any other product/service/help) you want using a search-bar on the homepage.

You can also choose from its category tabs. It has these labelled items, vehicles, services, pets, real estate, learning and jobs.

Each of these categories have dozens of sub-categories. E.g. the “Items” category has sub-categories such as clothes, cell phones, furniture, jewelleries and so on.

Again, to help find someone geographically close to you, it has country, state and region filters.

Publishing ad is open and free for everyone. “Premium ads” is an add-on which can be bought for $9.95/USD. This displays your ad on priority for a month on the search page.

7. BDSM Singles

Website: https://www.bdsmsingles.com/

If you’re single and you like BDSM, this is for you. Before you go further, note that this is USA-exclusive, hence, if you’re not in the States, just scroll down.

Even before you register, the website shows you a few profiles. Each profile has its own “contact preference”. This tells you what the other person is looking for. The data generally includes location, ultimate goal, sex preferences etc.

Profile access is completely free. You get access to photos, age, location, last online time etc.

You can also directly check “who’s online”. This lets you find active and online members in a jiffy.

How about a dedicated section, primarily for somewhat “revealing” photos? Well yes, it does have that.

You can “flirt” with users or send them direct messages. Obviously some of these features require registrations. The one aspect I loved here is higher number of female profiles. That’s not something you get to see often on these sites.

Also, the website is a part of a larger network. As a result, when you signup here, you also get listed on other similar sites like Fetlife for free.

8. H1Ad

Website: https://www.h1ad.com/

H1Ad doesn’t function exactly how sites like Fetlife do. Instead, it too lets you search for, and put up ads.

Now, it’s totally possible that you can either search for BDSM or put an ad saying “I need a BDSM partner” and that’ll make it a site like Fetlife for you.

It’s absolutely free as well. No one even knows who you are! Interested partners can contact you using a contact form on your ad page which DOES NOT display your contact info publicly. H1Ad secretly forwards the message to you.

The listings also show the number of people who have viewed each listing. This lets both parties understand the amount of interest or audience each listing is generating.

You don’t need to register, at all, for any of the actions that the site makes possible! Obviously, optional registrations are possible.

9. GiganticList

Website: https://www.giganticlist.com/

GiganticList too can help you find BDSM partners just like any of the other Fetlife alternatives above.

Again, it’s not a social network for BDSM enthusiasts. It’s an anonymous, instant, 100% free classified ads site.

You choose your country and exact region and search for what you’re trying to find (e.g. BDSM or BDSM partners). You can also put up an ad with those exact words so others can find you for your “activities”.

Obviously, other products and services too are available on the platform such as health, jobs, real estate, community, vehicles, etc. It does have pretty detailed “descriptions” for most listings which is pretty desirable.

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to pay for using any feature on the site.

10. My BDSM Hookups

Website: https://www.mybdsmhookups.com

Another great addition to the list of sites like Fetlife. The name tells you everything you need to know, right? It’s made for BDSM-enthusiasts. However, in addition to hookups, it also has options for long term relations, romance, meets etc.

As soon as you start, you can select if you’re interested in domination, submission or switching.

As for fetishes, you can select from bondage, spanking, erotic fiction, discipline and a few other options.

On the homepage, it has a “yes/no” interface. You’re shown profiles, their intro, location, sexuality and gender. You can show you interest by clicking “yes”.

Accessing profiles is 100% free. Full sized photos, complete profile info, and everything else can be accessed without having to pay.

It does have that “social” element. Users can leave comments on the uploaded photos. Blogs, forums, and events too are available.

The user-database is pretty impressive as well. At any given time, I’ve seen over 50,000 members online!  It even shows you who has viewed you in real-time, for free!

It offers badges for e-mail verification! Also, you’re notified when a sender doesn’t match your interests!  Pretty neat features, eh?

The search-filters do require some work. You can only search based on a distance-range, gender, and what they’re looking for.

While paying is completely optional, it does unlock a few features. For starters, you get to send “priority messages”, these are shown above other messages. And even free members get to read your messages (free users can’t read messages from paid users otherwise).

If you aren’t happy with your experience in the first 30 days, you get the next 30 days free!  Plans start at $17.24/month.

11. Kinkoo

Website: https://kinkoo.app

Kinkoo is one of those alternatives to Fetlife which mirrors Tinder’s interface to an extent.

When signing up, you obviously get to select your kink/BDSM fetish. The usual options include dominator, slave, cuckold, bondage and so on.

The one aspect I didn’t like on Kinkoo is that it has a mandatory “photo upload” requirement.

Anyway, once you login, you’re instantly shown a few profiles. As mentioned earlier, it has a Tinder-like interface. So, you do not get hundreds of profiles at once. Rather, one at a time. You can either “heart” it or reject it.

With each profile, the kinks and gender for the user is mentioned as well. Obviously, as expected, you can send messages to users without upgrading to the VIP status.

Opting for VIP offers you unlimited swipes, the “recall” feature so you can bring back profiles you rejected/accepted by mistake, and get a more “local” search-filter. Moreover, paying also will show you who visited your profile and who liked you.

It even has a verification feature. This helps you get found/ find legitimate members easily.

So, while it’s completely accessible on a browser (hence, making it a website like Fetlife), it’s actually better on the app.

12. BeNaughty

Website: https://www.benaughty.com/

This is more of an honourable mention. It’s not an exact alternative to Fetlife because it’s not exclusive to BDSM.

It still qualifies as one of the websites like Fetlife because it allows “naughty” hookups, whatever that word means to you.

It has a pretty impressive user-base for starters. You get access to user profiles, age, distance from your location, relationship status, physical features etc. for free.

The “looking for” preference or viewing photos in larger size however requires a payment. You do get 5 free messages though.

Pretty detailed profiles, they even include video intros. Photos containing nudity are locked behind a paywall as well.

It does have a great starter plan which starts at $0.99 and is charged per day!

13. BDSM Dating Only

Website: https://www.bdsmdatingonly.com

With over 716,114 registered members, the site has quite a few people who’re into BDSM and kink.

It’s almost an exact replica of Adult Friend Finder (it may also be a member of the same network). After logging in, you can instantly find people using its “who’s online” tab.

Need folks near you? There’s a dedicated tab labelled “members near me”.

It allows almost complete profile access to everyone for free. You get access to the person’s bio, sexual orientation, martial status, the compatibility chart even the feed.  You can even send messages for free.

Paid users get access to the complete photo album and the ability to enlarge photos.

It also notifies you who views your profile, in real time, even for free members. You obviously can send gifts to people and add them as friends.

It has an automated “cupid matches” feature. These are members with similar choices/requirements as you.

You can use the feed to either post your own status, or find potential matches by engaging with them on their posts. You can also see who hotlisted/viewed you to find matches faster.

In a nutshell, it’s mostly free, very active, and with members who’re all for BDSM dating!

14. The Cage

Website: https://thecage.co/

The Cage is probably the most unique of these Fetlife alternatives on this list. That’s because more than a social network or a dating platform, it’s a forum with an in-built chat feature.

General topics of discussion include gender identity, sub/dom threads, wax candles etc. People also share their BDSM stories and experiences.

There is a “Personals” section, this is where you can find partners.  You can find posts by others detailing who they’re looking for. In most cases, people are looking for either subs or doms.

Anyone can post their own ads/listings as well. It appears in the same section and then when a suitable match sees your ad they may get in touch.

It even has BDSM and fetish-centric podcasts you can listen to. Overall, the forum is pretty active and well populated.

The only problem? You must register to use any of its features. The problem being they require mobile verification for any and all profiles! While this massively reduces spam accounts, it’s still not a very desirable feature.

15. Fetish 

Website: https://www.fetish.com/

Well, the name makes it clear why it’s an alternative to Fetlife, doesn’t it? I love Fetish.com but its biggest superpower is also its biggest disappointment (for some).

So, to join Fetish, you must verify your profile. Verification is possible either via a photo in a specific pose (e.g. arms raised), or via SMS. Both of which are massive privacy killers. But then, this is what makes it almost entirely free of catfishers and scammers! 

Anyway, being a kink dating site, users fill in their kinks. These kinks also serve as search filters. Other users can find you using these kink parameters. You can also search using a distance radius. The profiles are pretty detailed, you get a few photos, kinks, location, age and most other important information.

It even connects you to BDSM events, clubs, and munches in the real world! 

The overall interface resembles social media. You can chat with people, see who visited you, have private albums, join/create chatrooms, join livestreams, etc. 

16. BuddyBang 

Website: https://buddybang.xmatch.com/

BuddyBang uses the same website script as AdultFriendFinder. Hence, it looks and feels exactly the same. The user-base however is different. 

What makes it a Fetlife alternative is the fact that it has a very advanced “kink search” feature. You can choose from dozens of kinks such as humiliation, blindfolds, handcuffs, cuckold, collar and leash and so on. This makes finding people who’re into the same kinks as you extremely easy. 

Signing up is free and easy as well, no verification (not even e-mail) is required. This may give rise to scam accounts. However, its “verified” badges and “confirmed” badges let you easily identify profiles that are legitimate. 

Profiles can be accessed freely as well.I’ve never seen more detailed profiles either. Photos, description, physical features, habits and everything else is mentioned. There’s even a “compatibility” feature that compares your profile against the users’ to show you how compatible you are. Some features do require a paid subscription.

Final words- Which are the best sites like Fetlife?

List of best sites like Fetlife ends here. The best replacement for Fetlife is Ashley Madison. It’s already built on a concept that’s frowned upon by many. As a result, the members there already are open to more non-traditional relationships.

Obviously Alt, BondagePal and the other options too equally help you find kinky partners even though they lack Ashley Madison’s anonymity or user-base to an extent.

Regardless of which Fetlife alternative you go with, be sure to respect your partners. BDSM isn’t a replacement for “consent”.

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