14 Best Movie Sites like Fmovies

Best Sites like Fmovies 2024: This list will give you over a dozen movie websites that let you stream and watch movies absolutely free.

If you were looking for best Fmovies alternatives, your search ends here. There’s no payment, registration or contract. Click on a movie, play, watch. As simple as that.

On top of that, I’ve also listed a few ways that will help you against ads, malware and identity detection.

Let’s get started then?

Legal disclaimer

We haven’t verified the legality or licenses of these websites. The streamer is solely responsible for all their actions. This is simply a list of websites that are like Fmovies. Please verify the legality of the content and only stream if the content is legal.

How to secure yourself before accessing sites like Fmovies?

Sites like Fmovies are actually more dangerous, on multiple fronts than most of you realize.

For starters, these are often laden with ads. Not just banner ads on the side, but hidden ads which pop up as soon as you click anywhere on the website. I don’t need to tell you how Google Chrome hogs up memory on extra tabs, do I ?

Then, these websites are some of the most common ways how hackers take you to phishing, malware and other scam sites.

Third, free movie streaming sites aren’t always legal. Hey, not your fault but it’s still illegal. It’s of utmost importance that you hide your identity, location, activities from anyone who may be snooping.

The solution to all those problems? NordVPN.

It changes your IP address that hides your identity and location. It also has an in-built ad blocker as well as a malware blocker.

In short, it’ll make sure you get your entertainment without technical or legal issues.

The 14 Best Free Movie Sites like Fmovies To Watch Movies/Series Online


Website: https://1hd.to/

When you arrive on this Fmovies alternative, you’ll see three options to  get your movie. Either use the search-bar at the top to  search for your movie directly, or, use one of the buttons on the right to choose from movies or TV series. You can also click the “Browse all movies & series” button.

Yes, it’s not perfect and each click will launch a new window/popup unless you use NordVPN and/or Brave browser.

In terms of movie library, I’ll say don’t expect extremely fresh content off the site. It sure has thousands of titles but if something is very new, you may not find it here.

The movie-thumbnails do mention the quality of the movie which saves you time. There’s no need to manually check each movie-page for the available quality.

It most definitely has the best UI for a “movie-page” on this entire list. Everything of importance, including the cast, duration, country, release-year etc. is mentioned in neat points. Ratings for the movie are displayed as well.

The movie-player is the best as well. You get movie subtitles in about a dozen language! No, not on separate videos. Simply choose the subtitle language you want on the video player. You also get to select a quality for your movie. This lets you save bandwidth if you want to and stream even on slower connections.

2. YesMovies

Website: https://ww.yesmovies.ag/

YesMovies is one of the most popular movie sites like Fmovies. The homepage has a big search bar that you can use to search for any movie you want. You can also simply click the “movies” or “TV Series” from the top.

On any other page (except the homepage), you’ll get other filters such as genre, country, movies, TV series, Top IMDb etc.

It does have a decent movie collection. The movie thumbnails do display the movie quality as well. A ton of details about the movie are displayed on the movie-page. Most movies do have multiple servers. These ensure movie availability even if one server fails.

The video player is pretty good. It has a subtitle option and often has in-built subtitles you can simply select. The subtitles can even be customized. Yes, you do get to manually change the movie quality.

You can “favourite” movies if you want to as well. Yes, it does have ads but which site doesn’t?

3. BMovies

Website: https://bmovies.cloud/

BMovies has an interface that’s similar to what we’ve seen so far. A search-bar as well as a top-bar that has options such as Home, Genre, Country, Release, Movies etc. There’s even an Alphabetic  scale, you can search for your movies using the initials of the movie you’re searching for.

The movie-thumbnails are dynamic, hovering over them displays additional information.  These information include movie-quality, run-time, release-year etc.

The movie-page offers the normal information such as genre, quality, production, country and much more.

I’ve never seen any Fmovie alternative offer as many servers as this! Most movies offer about 7  servers. Yes, in-built subtitles in over a dozen languages are available as well. All you need to do is choose.

Finally, the quality-selection isn’t missing either. You do get to upgrade/downgrade the video quality if you need to.

The site does have ads but  they’re honest about it and have a public notification asking users not to use ad-block. Well, technically, they do need the money to keep the servers running.

4. MoviesJoy

Website: https://moviesjoy.plus/

We recently did a piece covering MoviesJoy alternatives. That tells you how popular and established it must be, doesn’t it?

The website lets you find your movies using a search-bar and a few filters, both located at the top of the site.

The filters include “Genre”, “country”, “TV Shows” “Top IMDb” etc. Simply select the criteria that you wish to search for and the site reveals them to you.

The movie-thumbnails on the site are descriptive. They tell you the movie quality, release-year, run time etc.

The movie-pages are exactly what’s expected. The general movie information, a voting system,  and the option to “favourite’ the movie are available.

While there aren’t  many servers, at least 2 servers are often available for most movies. The quality of the available movies did impress me, almost everything here is ultra high-def.

The video player doesn’t always have a subtitle feature but you do get quality-control on most servers.

5. FlixTor

Website: https://flixtor.to/

One of the more professionally designed sites like Fmovies for sure. The top-bar lets you find what you’re looking for.  Movies,  TV Shows,  TV Episodes etc.  Of course you can just search for your movie directly as well.

On the homepage, it also has categories such as “most popular today”, “recommendations for today”, and “now playing in theatres”.

The movie thumbnails are dynamic. Hovering over them gives you a brief synopsis, rating, language, and release-year.

This one’s my personal favourite specially when it comes to TV shows. All the episodes are arranged serially and are easy to pick.

The video player is equally impressive. In-built subtitles in over 10 languages break any and all language barriers. Then, there’s obviously the quality-control option.

It even has a direct download button for any and all content. Albeit, it’s available only for VIP users.

6. Soap2Day

Website: https://soap2day.fan/

The top-bar will give you options to search for your movies. You can pick from “Genre”, “Movies/TV Shows” or even make your own “movie request”.

Every movie on the site has a thumbnail. Each thumbnail will display the movie quality by default. However, when you hover over the movie, it’ll reveal a synopsis, release-year, runtime, country and genre.

Almost the same information is also available on each movie-page. You do get to “vote” for your movie on  the movie-page.

What impressed me was its 4K videos, while these sites generally offer good qualities, 4K is still rare. A lot of the movies on Soap2Day is actually 4K.

The video  player does offer multiple servers for most content. Ads are inevitable (unless you use Nord/Brave). The video player does have a subtitle option although it’s not in-built. You’re free to upload your own.

Unfortunately,  there’s no quality-control option.  You do get to select a “size” for your video as well as the aspect ratio.

7. 123Movies

Website: https://123-movies.one/

123Movie is without doubt one of the most popular websites like Fmovies. Of course, this probably is a replica and not the actual 123Movie site.

However,  it’s extremely rich when it comes to its movie library. Some of the most recent movies can be found, and in pretty decent qualities.

The movies you want can be found from the top-bar. Simply select a genre, movies, TV series etc. You can also do a ‘movie request’.

The movie thumbnails display the quality of the movie, a synopsis, release-year and other information.

The site surprisingly has a ton of  4K content. Most other available content is pretty high quality as well.

The movie-page is nearly identical to what most other sites on this list offer. The information about the movie, a rating/voting system and so on.

There aren’t many servers for the movies but atleast a couple are available for most movies.

Again, the video players do not include in-built subtitles or quality control .

8. PutLocker

Website: https://ww7.putlocker.vip/

After 123Movies, PutLocker probably is the second most popular alternative to Fmovies. Simply key-in the movie you wish to search for on the search-bar. Of course, you can also use its top-bar to navigate to “genre”, “country”, “release date”, “Top IMDb” etc.

It does have a lot of fresh content even though the quality on these movies isn’t the best. The thumbnails tell you the quality of each movie without you playing a movie.

The release-year and runtime are displayed on each movie’s thumbnail as well.  Fortunately, a quality-control is available on the video players even though there’s no subtitle option.

I’ve often found about 2 servers for most movies which suggests there’s atleast one backup in most cases.  The site does have a comment feature although I doubt you care much about it.

9. 5Movies

Website: https://5movies.fm/

The interface here seems the most professional on this entire list. It almost looks like an official OTT platform. Three very simple options are shown at the top- “Latest movies”, “Top movies” and “Top shows”.

The movie thumbnails only display the movie rating and release year. It would be better if they displayed quality, but they don’t.

The individual movie pages are comparatively  basic as well, with a brief synopsis, genre, and votes for the movie.

The movie player sure is impressive and offers in-built subtitles, in multiple languages. You also get the quality control button. Unfortunately, most movies only offer a single source/server though.

A voting system does exist which lets you vote and check the overall votes casted by others in general.

As far as the movie library goes, it’s impressive. I searched for movies still in the theatre and was impressed.

10. M4U

Website: https://m4ufree.vip/

M4U Probably stands for “Movies 4 you” and can totally serve as the Fmovies new site. The homepage is dedicated to helping you find the movies you want. It has tons of filters and lets you filter for genre, year, language, anime, new movies and many other options.

The search-bar does exist. The movie thumbnails are descriptive and do display the “quality” of the movie. The movie library does offer some of the most recent movies even though they may not be “HD”.

Of course HD content exists if you go for older content. If you aren’t sure what to watch, simply check its “top week” and “top day” lists.

The movie-page does have all the information about each movie. About 3 servers are available for each movie. The video player does offer quality control. Of course, does have ads although I’ve felt these ads are on a lighter scale and can be ignored easily.

11. Sflix

Website: https://sflix.to/

Sflix doesn’t look or feel any different than other sites like  Fmovies on this list. Well, its content surely isn’t as fresh as some other options on this list. I tried searching for a few new movies and they weren’t available.

For the movies that are available, the thumbnails aren’t very descriptive either. They give you the movie release-year, but that’s it.

All movies that are available mostly feature only HD content, I’ve never seen a low-quality upload here. Probably, this is why very new movies may not be available here.

The movie pages weren’t disappointing. They did include all the information you may need about a movie.

The one good thing here was that over 5 servers can generally be found for each movie. The video player is impressive as well, you get in-built subtitles in over a dozen languages as well as quality control!

12. PrimeWire

Website: https://primewire.mx/

PrimeWire may not have the most  modern or good-looking UI, but that doesn’t make it any less of a contender on this list of sites like Fmovies.

The website has a top-bar that lets you filter for movies based on genre, movies, country, TV shows, Top IMDb etc.

The movie-pages look like a very basic text-page that has a synopsis and all the other details about the movie.

Most movies also have about 5 servers you can choose from. Again, the video player was impressive and offered in-built subtitles in multiple languages in addition to quality-control.  Of course, this would depend on the server you’re using.

Do note that the movie thumbnails aren’t always correct and I’ve often found them display the wrong movie-year.

13. Solar Movie

Website: https://solarmovie.vip/

You go to the website and it’ll give you a big homepage search bar. Simply type what you wish to watch. Or, click on one of the buttons (genre/ country/ release / movies / TV Series / Top IMDb) from the top-bar.

There’s even an alphabetic scale, simply choose from the initial alphabet of the movie you’d like to watch.

I like the thumbnails as they display the movie quality on them without forcing me to play the movies. Hovering over them also brings up other information such as synopsis, runtime, release-year etc.

The movies generally do have about 2 servers if not more. There is quality control button but no subtitles, at times, in-built subtitles can be found (can’t be changed/ turned off).

14. Watch Free

Website: https://watch-free.tv/

This one’s special, at least the interface is way more modern and professional than most on this list. The homepage has a slider that keeps displaying the most recent movies on loop.

Movie  thumbnails aren’t very descriptive but do display the release-year and run-time of the movie.

The video player is pretty impressive as well. It looks more professional which is rare for the video players on these sites. But,  more importantly, you get to  change the quality of the video as per your requirements. Oh, there are in-built subtitles as well, and yes, in more than one language.

Of course, because most of the new movies are available, not everything here is HD. The older collections of course are.

For finding movies, you can use the search-bar, or simply use its “filter content” feature. It brings up filters such as genre, release-year etc. Similarly, you can also use its “latest/popular” buttons to directly find the movies you want.

Yes, it does have TV shows and isn’t just limited to movies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fmovies websites

I’m sure you aren’t running out of sites like Fmovies anytime soon. However, you must have tons of questions about the site you’re searching alternatives  for. So, allow me to clear some of that air.

What is Fmovies?

Fmovies is a free movie streaming website. It allows users to stream movies which may not always be licensed.

What happened to Fmovies?

Nothing exactly. Fmovies has faced countless lawsuits and as a result, has been banned in multiple countries. Although, it’s still online and can be accessed from nearly anywhere with NordVPN.

What is the real Fmovies website?

There’s no “real” website as of now. The site has been forced to change/launch multiple domains due to its legal issues.  Although, some argue its .to domain is the oldest and the first.

Is Fmovies safe?

That would depend which Fmovies site you are on. If it’s a fake/replica it may not be safe. Also, there’s always the risk of you unknowingly streaming pirated content. The only way to be safe is to use a good, untraceable VPN like NordVPN.

Why is Fmovies not working?

Fmovies isn’t working in many countries because the ISPs of those countries have been ordered to block access to Fmovies. You can access Fmovies and any other blocked website simply by using NordVPN.

How to block ads on Fmovies?

There are two ways you can go about this.

First, simply download and use NordVPN. As mentioned earlier, it has an in-built ad-blocker that blocks out ads.

Second, you can switch to Brave browser. It’s a browser that’s almost exactly the same as Google Chrome  but has a very strong ad-blocker. It truly has one of the best ad blockers I’ve ever seen.

Is Fmovies down?

Fmovies’ online status would depend on your location and jurisdiction. If your country has blocked Fmovies it would seem down (unless you use a VPN). However, Fmovies probably is live on different domains and at different locations.

Is Fmovies legal?

No. Fmovies has already faced multiple legal issues and was even ordered to pay $210,000+ recently for streaming pirated content.

Final words- sites like Fmovies

So, that’s it folks. I hope I have given you enough websites like Fmovies. Each of these websites will let you stream movies, absolutely free and without registration.

Of course, it would help if you employ NordVPN as well as Brave browser, the ads are a pain otherwise. However, these sites can certainly be accessed without either of those tools if you wish to.

Do note that there probably are hundreds of other sites like Fmovies out there. I’ve only listed those that are live, have a decent movie/show collection and offer the best features. Go on then, see if you can satisfy that movieworm in you.

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