What happened to Bedpage Personals listings?

What happened to Bedpage personals listings? If you’re like me, you were probably pretty disappointed when Bedpage personals listings disappeared from the internet.

I mean, where else are you supposed to find someone to have casual encounters with? Well, fortunately, I know exactly where, and yes it’s on Bedpage.

If you’re on this piece searching for escorts, kink-lovers, strippers, similar individuals, or sites like Bedpage you’re at the right place.

What happened to Bedpage Personals listings?

Technically, nothing.

You can still find all the personals listings on Bedpage, just under the “Adult” category.

Bedpage Personals listings

The listings currently include the following categories:

  • Escorts
  • Body rubs
  • Dom and fetishes
  • Male escorts
  • Strippers and strip clubs
  • Adult jobs
  • Phone & websites etc.

And yes, these are still the most visited categories on Bedpage.

It may be possible that Bedpage is blocked for you in general. This is generally done by your ISP or govt. You could just  use a VPN right away to access Bedpage and all of its listings.

Although, I’m sure you may have a few doubts so let’s get to clearing those?

Are Personals listing ads illegal?

No. Let me explain.

The legality of personal ad listings is a complex and controversial subject, laws vary for each country and even states. A headache,  I know but a headache we all must adhere to.

In general, the legality of placing such ads depends on the content of the advertisement and whether it complies with existing local laws.

It is important to understand the rules governing each specific jurisdiction before posting an ad so as to avoid any legal complications or penalties.

Additionally, it is important to remember that the internet can be a public platform and ads should be written with caution as they could potentially reach a wide audience. Furthermore, some jurisdictions may require registration of personal ad listings which must be completed before posting an ad online.

In any case, it is important to adhere to all local laws and regulations when placing a personal ad. You must take basic steps to protect one’s privacy and safety when posting these ads as they’re pretty personal, aren’t they?

What steps you ask? Well, let’s say that the email addresses and phone numbers used are not publicly available, using secure passwords, avoiding sharing sensitive information or photos with strangers, and being aware of potential scams.

Finally, when placing a Bedpage personals ad online, you’ve got to be honest as well as accurate. That’s almost a legal requirement.

Falsifying or misrepresenting oneself can lead to serious legal consequences, something I’m sure you’d rather avoid, eh? Additionally, it is important that any contact details provided are true and reachable. This helps avoid legal hassle as the other party can just contact you and ask you to make changes peacefully.

Can you post Bedpage personals listings?

Yes, you certainly can.

The normal Bedpage rules apply. You need to sign up for an account and pay for your listing.

The pricing is the same. It doesn’t depend on the category of listing you’re going for. It only depends on the website you’re posting at. For Bedpage.com it’s $20.00, for its other sites it’s either $5.00 or $2.5 depending on the site.

Obviously, the listing needs to be legal, apart from that you’re free to post your own personals listings.

Is Bedpage legal?

If you’re asking about personals listings, you clearly have doubts about Bedpage’s legality.

Well, yes. The site is completely legal. As mentioned earlier, even the personals listings are legal.

Sure, sometimes users violate the legality by posting ads and listings which are illegal. E.g. it’s not Bedpage’s fault if you start posting gun ads there, is it?

Be extra cautious with Personals listings

If you’re here about Bedpage  personals listings, you totally should pay attention to a few points.

For starters, be extra careful of the service you’re requesting. Prostitution or similar services may be completely illegal in certain states.

When you do find a listing you’re interested in, be sure to not share personal or confidential data with the ad-poster. This is also true for your contact details.

Do note that Bedpage may have some “taboo” listings such as doms and subs but that’s obviously consensual. Just because someone has listed him/herself as a sub, it doesn’t mean they’re up for more than what they bargained for.

You must always set boundaries beforehand and agree on what is or isn’t acceptable during your encounters. This may also help you avoid legal troubles.

Oh and be sure to always document any and all conversations between you and the other person in case you need it later.

What to do if you see an illegal personals listing?

Bedpage has a very compliant legal process. You’d find “Law Enforcement” and “Report Trafficking” links at the bottom.

These can be used to report illegal listings of any sort, not just trafficking.

Final words- What happened to Bedpage personals listings?

I hope that answers your question, doesn’t it?

Bedpage being a Backpage alternative does have to be careful with its listings. Hence, it simply moved these listings to the “Adult” category. There also are a few other categories where you can find similar listings.

The point is, Bedpage does have a lot of restrictions in many countries. Hence, you may need to work around the obstacles to access Bedpage or any of its listings.

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