10 Best Moviesjoy Alternatives To Stream Movies/TV Series

Moviesjoy alternatives 2024: If you wish to stream movies, without downloading them or signing up, this list is for you. Every single site on this list is functional.

On top of getting you these Moviesjoy.to alternatives’ websites, I’ve also listed a few security tips. These would let you keep malware, viruses and any other third-parties’ nose out of your buisiness. 

Let’s not waste time and get started? 

What is Moviesjoy?

Moviesjoy is the skeleton of a now-defuct but once immensly popular free movie streaming website. The site, while live, allowed users to stream movies and shows absolutely free. 

If you’d like to know what happened to Moviesjoy, scroll to the very end of this piece. However, if you’d like to access other sites like Moviesjoy for free, this list is for you. 

Security & Ad-blocking steps

You never know which of these sites like Moviesjoy are real or legal. When popular sites go down, tons of fake, malicious websites spring up to trap innocent Cinephile just like you.

These websites may include viruses, ransomware or at the least dozens of ads that will eat up your system resources and clog your system. 

Moreover, you can’t know which sites are “legal” and which are offering you pirated content. You need to ensure even if you stream pirated content (unintentionally), your actions can’t be traced back to you.

Here are some basic steps that will protect your system (from viruses/malware/ransomware), prevent and block ads and keep your identity safe. 

  • Download NordVPN. It changes your IP address so whatever you stream can not be linked back to your real-life identity, location or computer.  There’s also an in-built feature that detects and blocks malicious websites and content. It also features an in-built ad-blocker which blocks ads. 
  • (Optional) Download Brave browser. It’s a free browser that’s basically Google Chrome minus ads & tracking. It automatically blocks all ads (both hidden and visible). Trust me, you’ll need this on most if not all these sites. 

Done. You’re now ready to explore these alternatives to Moviesjoy. 

Legal disclaimer

This list only gives websites similar to Moviesjoy. We aren’t making any claims about their legalities. All of these websites are legal to the best of our knowledge .However, any, all or none of the websites listed below may be legal or illegal. We haven’t verified the legalities of the content hosted on these websites. It’s solely the responsibility of the visitor (reader of this article) to verify the legality of any website he/she is visiting. 

The 10 Best Moviesjoy Alternatives To Stream Movies/TV Series Online

1. M4U

Website: https://m4ufree.vip/

M4U may not be as popular as other options on this list, but offers the most features I’ve seen. You certainly can stream movies by searching for them on the homepage. I searched for a movie that’s less than 2 weeks old, and it was available, while not HD the quality was still decent.

You can also use the filters at the top-right to find your movies. You can filter by “new movie”, “genre”, “year”, “most watched” etc.  It even has a right-sidebar that gives you the top movie of the day/week and month. 

The best part? It’s one of the very (very) few Moviesjoy alternatives that offers quality control! You manually get to decide what quality you’ll watch the movie at. This helps save bandwidth in case you’re on limited bandwidth or just prefer saving it.

And yes, it does have multiple servers for most movies. What’s even more surprisng is that there were almost no ads! Sure a few popups came up, but nothing that frustrated me. With these sites that’s almost as rare as the Holy Grail. 

The movie-page was no less informative than any other option on this list. All these are reasons why I’ve listed it at the very top here. 

2. GoMovies

Website: https://gomovies123.net

This is the only site on this entire list that didn’t serve me a single ad! No hidden or even displayed banner ads. Absolutely no ads (not even on the play button!).

The movie library was extremely fresh. The website too is extremely simple, the homepage has a search-bar and two simple options- “Movies” or “TV Shows”. 

The movie-page tells you the movies’ ratings, cast, a brief synopsis, director, country and all the other expected information. You’ll also find a “Maybe also like” list of movie on each movie’s page, this shows related movies which makes finding similar content easy. 

The video player even offered me a quality-control button. The only caviet? It needs registration. It’s free and fast, however, I’m not a fan of sign-up requiring sites. 

Even the movie thumbnails are interactive. Hover over them and you’ll get the movies’ ratings, release-year and synopsis. 

3. CineB

Website: https://cineb.rs/

Multiple servers, absolutely no ads and high quality content are th three reasons why this MoviesJoy alternative is listed higher up on this list. 

Each movie thumbnail on the homepage tells you the availahble quality & duration of the movie. You can easily search for the movie you want using its search bar.

Once you click on a movie’s play button, it’s instantly played. No hidden ads. On the left-sidebar you get to choose from some of the availabel servers. While not many, you’d find at least a couple servers for most content. 

Most of the available content I found was either 720P or 1080P. The video players often also offer a quality-control option. 

Of course tons of information about the movie is available on the movie page if it matters to you. You can easily find other related content from the “you may also like” section that’s displayed on each movie page.

Finally, there’s a coting system that lets you vote and check the overall votes a movie has recieved. 

4. FMovies

Website: https://fmoviesfree.ac/

This is one of the best-looking websites similar to MoviesJoy. Fmovies welcomes you with a search-bar that you can use to find the movies you’re looking for.

Of course you can use the half a dozen available filters at the top-bar. You can sort for your content using genre, country, top IMDb or even alphabatically. 

Its multiple (generally 4+) servers for most content is another reason why I’ve listed it at the top here. 

While ads do exist, they’re minimal and way less intrusive than most other options on this list. 

Of course each movie-page will tell you the genre, actors, director, country, release year, quality of the movie, duration and so much more. 

Another feature that most other Moviesjoy alternatives lack is that they do not display the “movie quality” on a movie’s thumbnail, FMovies does. You know what the movie is going to look like without having to play it. The video player doesn’t offer quality-control though. 

The content library is impressive, movies and shows still in the theater already seem to be available here. 

5. Xmovies

Website: https://xmovies8.stream/

Despite the name, it’s not one of those naughty sites and indeed is one of the best alternatives to Moviesjoy. 

Yes, it’s sure spammed to death with ads. But hey that’s the cost of streaming movies for free, isn’t it? 

The homepage lets you filter for either movies or TV shows. Similarly, you can also filter using a genre/country filter. Of course you can simply use the search-bar as well. 

I wouldn’t say everything here is of the highest quality. I found a new movie but the quality was almost HDcam. 

The good news however is that the quality of the movie is stamped on each movie’s thumbnail. So, even without playing you’ll know what to expect. 

It does offer nearly half a dozen servers for most movies which ensures availability. It’s the only one out of all these Moviesjoys.to alternatives that has in-built subitles. Simply choose the language you want the subtitle in and it’s auto-embeded.

6. Flixtor

Website: https://flixtor.mom/

Thousands of movies and an easy interface differentiate Flixtor from many other options on this list. 

On the homepage, you’d see 4 basic filters- category, genre, release date and country. These makes searching for your movie faster. Of course, you can also simply use the search-bar if you’ve got specifics in mind.

There’s also a right-sidebar that has a list of “Recently Added movies” and “movies by year” as well as “most viewed movies”. You can even choose from a list of “popular cateogries”. 

The homepage is extremely basic. Has dozens of movie thumbnails displaying the most recent movies. 

The movie page of course includes details such as genre, IMDb rating, release date etc. The video player lets you add your own subtitles if you wish to. There’s no “quality-control” button though. 

Oh it certainly has ads, you’ll need to close half a dozen popups before a click is registered on the actual site. 

Most movies are certainly high-def and some can even be downloaded. 

7. YesMovies 

Website: https://ww3.yesmoviesfree.live/

YesMovies‘ homepage has a big search bar, although it doesn’t work. Each time you click to type something, a new popup with a third-party redirect would launch (it’s frustrating, I know).

To watch a movie, you must find one by going to either its “genres”, “movies”, “featured”, or “TV Series” options from the top-right. 

As far as its movie database goes, I’ve seen some fairly recent content that’s still in the theaters being available here.

The movie thumbnails will tell you the run-time of the movie, as well as release-year. Yes, I prefer them showing the quality of the movie right there but unfortauntely it’s not the case. 

The movie pages look pretty basic, like a simple Doc file but are rich with information. They’d display the quality of the movie, release-year, a synopsis, run-time, country etc. 

The video players are pretty basic, they have buttons for volume and “rewind” but that’s about it. There’s no quality-control option. Everything I’ve seen here s pretty high-definition, 1080P or more. 

8. Watch Top Movies

Website: https://wattchmoviess.top/

This seems to be a knockoff the the wildly famous Moviesjoy alternative- Movies123. That’s the logo they’re using. The website certainly lets you stream movies for free, albeit you’d need to close about 50 popups and new tabs before you get to the movie-streaming page.

The homepage looks basic, with a few filters on the top-left, namely “TV shows”, “movies” and “genres”. On the right, you’d see a search bar that can be used to find movies directly. 

I’m in love with the fact that the quality of a movie is displayed right there on the thumbnail. You do not need to go to each movie-page in order to know what the movie quality would be like.

Of course when you play the movie on the movie-page, you can glance at information such as the director, country, release-date, duration and much more. 

Some of the movies even offer multiple servers to stream from, this ensures the movies and shows are available almost always. 

The movie-player is powered by Dood Stream, which means you can’t control the video quality but can add your own subtitles if you so wish. 

The movie quality is never disappointing as almsot everything here is ultra high quality. 

9. StreamM4U

Website: https://streamm4u.to/

This definitely deserves a top spot when searching for websites like Moviesjoy. When you land on the website, use the search-bar to find your movie or filter for genre or year. 

The website somehow feels light and doesn’t slow your browser down (most other sites do). Once you find your movie, a single click takes you to the video player and another click plays the video. Yes, no hidden ads and no closing of popups required. 

On the right you can find a list of “tags”. You can click these to find movies matching the tags. Again, a list will give you the top movies of the day/week/month so you can pick new content easily.

Yes, the vidoe player does allow quality control! The movie page also displays a short synopsis in case you’d like to know what it’s all about. 

And yes, multiple servers are available that let you stream no matter what. 

10. PutLocker

Website: https://putlocker.boo/

Who hasn’t heard of Putlocker, eh? The homepage gives you a search-bar at the top, use it to search for whatever content suits your hearts. 

You can also simply click on a “Movies/ Series” button next to the search-bar. It takes you a general page that gives you either content and you can make your pick there. 

Got nothing specific in mind? It gives you a list of “Popular movies” followed by a list of “popular TV shows” . Simply scroll till you find something intertesting. 

There’s another section called “Currently airing” as well as movies that are “coming to Putlocker” in the near future.

Beware of ads. Nearly every click will open a new popup that you need to close. (Or, just use Brave Browser).

The movie page will give you a rating, budget of the movie, release-date, cast, director, writer, and a summary of the plot. 

Do note that a few movies may redirect you to a third-party website. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

I’m sure you’ve got enough Moviesjout alternatives by now. However, some of you may still have questions related to the now-defunt site. Allow me to ease some of that burden.

What happened to Moviesjoy?

Contrary to what’s popular, Moviesjoy was not shut down by the feds. Rather, they shut themselves down, voluntarily, albeit due to pressure from Copyright notices and other similar issues. 

Why is Moviesjoy not working?

As the company shut its servers down, there’s no way to access the official Moviesjoy today. That’s precisely why I’ve listed some of the best sites similar to Moviesjoy on this list.

Final words- Moviesjoy alternatives 

I’m confident you won’t run out of Sites like Moviesjoy anytime soon, would you? If you follow the security steps mentioned earlier, you’ll also be able to keep viruses and ads out. 

Do note that this list isn’t definitive. Meaning, there certainly exist hundreds of other sites that offer similar features and content such as Moviesjoy.

However, these were some of the sites that work and are known to me. I do feel this isn’t an entirely disappointing list, don’t you agree? Go on then, “Moviesjoy and chill” then eh?

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