Will Blogging Help my Business?

Will blogging help my business? If that’s what you’re asking, that question gets answered here and now.

Short answer? Yes. If you’re a business, blogging can almost certainly help it (make more sales, convert more visitors etc.).

Obviously, each of you reading this have a different business. The required time or exact outcome differs for each business. However, you’re certain to reap one or the other benefits from a blog.

In this piece, I’ll share some of the most common benefits a business has from a blog.

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Let’s get going then?

Helps bring traffic

For any business on the planet, there’s always something you can write about. If done right, these posts will start ranking on search engines and that will get you traffic.

Now, if you choose the right keywords and your content is good enough, people will certainly visit your blog/articles.

If the article is done right and has been properly conversion-optimized, there’s your chance to make some sales.

Of course, this sounds easier than it is. However, the point is, regardless of what a business does, a blog can almost always help it bring in traffic.

Here are a few templates you can use to create content for your blog, regardless of what your business is:

  • Best [your product/service] in [your locality/region]. E.g. Best painters in Las Vegas.
  • 10 things to avoid when hiring/buying a [your product/services].
  • 10 best [your biggest competitor] alternatives.
  • How to choose the best [your product/services].

 Additional income from the blog

The blog itself can be an additional source of income for you. There are multiple ways you can make money off a blog.

You can obviously directly sell your own products/services, however, that’s not the only way to do this.

You can also use your blog to display ads. There are multiple types and revenue-streams associated with ads as well.

You can use ads from third-parties to display on your site. You get paid for each impression/click depending on which ad-network you’re using.

You can also display ads on your site for a fixed monthly charge.

Affiliate marketing is something else you can do. You sell someone else’s products and get a commission. You can sell add-ons that go with your product/service.

Leadership & social activity booster

This is one of the other ways a blog can help your business. No matter what you write about, people will read about it on your blog.

If you’ve got your branding right, chances are, you’ll be remembered. Eventually, you’ll be perceived as a leader or at least a good-enough option for your product/services.

It’s recommended that you share your blog/articles on all your social media. This further gets you more traffic and recognition, however, it also keeps your social media active.

People don’t just want to see “buy this/buy that” posts from you. These informative articles will give them a reason to visit you and interact with you. This at times may even lead to direct sales.


Blogs are one of the easiest options that can land you some of the best partnerships.

You may create content that promotes or lists some companies related to your product/services. Of course, you’ve to make sure these are not your direct competitors.

E.g. if you’re an artist, you can list the best portrait frame makers, colour/canvas manufacturers and so on.

You can then show them the listing/mentions. At the least, they’d share you on their social media because this would be like a free review/testimonial for them.

If you’re lucky, you may even get paid. With a little more effort, you can turn the list into a cash-printer by accepting sponsored listings.

Customer interaction

A lot of companies do not focus enough on customer interaction. That’s a good thing, for you.

You can make your blog into an interactive, active community. Your customers can leave their feedback about your product/services or about any other article you have published.

This data can then be used to understand the market better, improve your products and eventually increase sales.

 Build a list (of potential customers)

E-mail lists have been a cash-cow since time immemorial.

You can use a simple popup to collect the e-mail of your visitors.

This would give you a list of people who’re interested in your products or related products.

These are some of the easiest conversions out there.

You can send offers, discounts, or just new product information directly to these users. At least a fraction of that list should convert (depends on your e-mail/promotion and other strategies, obviously).

Helps you understand the market/competition better

When you research for your content, you will come across competitor sites and products.

This will help you understand how your competitor is doing better than you and how you can improve.

If you go through their comments you can also understand how they’re perceived by their visitors/customers.

You may even stumble upon completely new ideas that you’d have missed otherwise.


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Final words- Will blogging help my business?

Yes. I’m sure you’ve got a decent idea of why and how it helps your business by now, haven’t you?

You may be an individual with a very small business, or a multi-million dollar firm, blogging helps everyone.

At the least, there is almost no downsides to it.

Of course, you do not have to take my word for it. Go get a free host today, give it a few weeks’ time and then we can talk?

Hey, if you know someone else who’s asking questions like “will blogging help my business?”, do share this piece with them? Chances are, you will be thanked.

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