Best Web Hosting That Accepts Bitcoin

Are you a Crypto Currency Freak? Would love to buy web hosting with bitcoin? Luckily, you have landed at the perfect destination where you can read about the list of best web hosting that accepts bitcoin.

List of Best Bitcoin Web Hosting Service Providers

The challenging task for internet users who wish to buy web hosting with bitcoin is to find the service providers who actually offer the same in a legitimate and a most reliable way.

To overcome the challenge, I have prepared an exclusive list of best web hosting that accepts bitcoin during the checkout.

The web hosting companies listed here do not only accept bitcoin, but also they are reliable, secured and super fast to host your blogs. There is no point giving up other feature rich hosting solutions just for paying with bitcoins anonymously.

So, the list of web hosting that accepts bitcoin fulfills your perfect hosting needs and I promise, buying web hosting using your bitcoin with these web hosting providers are good to go.

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the highly popular web hosting companies that offers affordable yet super reliable web hosting solutions to the users.

You can grab the basic web hosting plan from Hostinger as low as 1.40 USD per month.This is damn affordable compared to top notch Hostinger alternatives.

Recently completed the 10 years of successful journey, a Lithunia based company now serves hosting solutions to users across 178 countries. According to Hostinger official website ‘About’ page, the company has already crossed 29 millions users and the number increases day by day because of the rich features and unbelievable offers provided in the web hosting and domain registering sectors.

Apart all, the most fortunate thing right now about Hostinger is that it does accept bitcoin upon your checkout process. When you add the hosting plan you needed from Hostinger and proceed with everything, like other payment options, you can find an option for bitcoin too. Choose it and pay from your bitcoin, you may already have on your btc wallet.

Features of Hostinger:  

  • Accepts Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum and litecoin.
  • User Friendly payment process, during your checkout you will be taken to the crypto platform payment page same as how PayPal works.
  • Includes Free SSL and Free Domain Name worth 10+ USD
  • 24/7 Responsive Chat and Customer Support
  • Super Fast Servers at Unimaginable affordable prices.

2. NameCheap

One of the most popular names in the web hosting and domain registration service sectors. You may have already come across NameCheap. But, the fact you may not know is that you can buy either web hosting or domains with your bitcoin through NameCheap.

Ever since it was founded, till date the NameCheap company offers its users reliable and trustworthy services whether it is web hosting or domain buying. One of the oldest web hosting companies as NameCheap has 21 years of long journey.

Accepting bitcoin transactions was in use with NameCheap from 2013 and since the acceptance of bitcoin, there are many happy users who experienced the payment process more safely, reliably and secure as well.

Whatever the web hosting plan you purchase from NameCheap, you will get a Free Domain along with your plan in which you can save upto 0.00017 worth bitcoin on your purchase from NameCheap.

With already coping up 2+ million customers, NameCheap has received a 4.7 star rating out of 5. It offers 5+ different hosting solutions such as shared, VPS, WordPress, dedicated and managed hosting as well at industry affordable prices.

Features of NameCheap:  

  • Offers Feature like 2-Factor Authentication for Free of Cost
  • Free Domain Name for all Hosting Plans
  • You can get your service activated paying either Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash
  • Free Whois Protection. You can enable this option during your checkout process at free of cost which protects your details from Whois database.
  • Free Hosting Migrations and 24/7 Chat with Experts.

Button: Buy Web Hosting using Bitcoin with NameCheap

3. Shinjiru

The name Shinjiru might be totally new for you as it doesn’t sound very popular. Despite low popularity, the web hosting company Shinjiru silently offers many more features in their web hosting plans to the users.

If you are keen about protecting your identity while buying web hosting packages, Shinjiru is a company that you may need to look for. It’s a world class offshore web hosting company that accepts user payments in both the cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum.

Same as NameCheap, Shinjiru is also accredited to ICANN and possibly, you can buy your domain names through Shinjiru at affordable costs using your bitcoin. The company was founded in 2000 and is based in Malaysia.

The company owns an Anti- DDOS attack network by which the websites that are hosted under the Shinjiru servers are damn safe from the hackers. If you believe you need to avail strongest protection to overcome frequent web shutdown issues, don’t bother about other providers and go for Shinjiru.

Features of Shinjiru  

  • A best web hosting company running with a mission to protect users identity and so, Shinjiru offers too many reliable features.
  • Provides web protections such as Anti-Hacking Protection, DDOS protection and SSL certificates as well.
  • In-House technical support team offers 24/7 instant support to the users.
  • Shinjiru does own dedicated servers and IP addresses that offer 99.9% uptime.
  • Accepts 6 different easy payment methods including bitcoins and ethereum payments via coin payments payment gateway.

4. HostWinds

Owing three data centres, 2 in the United States of America and one in Netherlands, Hostwinds is a 2010 startup considered to be one of the best web hosting companies that accepts several cryptocurrencies payment through coin payments payment gateway.

Hostwinds do accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies including btc, ethereum and dogecoin. All the servers and routers are under their own control and so, they do not need to depend on third party companies to fix when any problem exists. They can do it directly and resolve the issues as fast as possible. The damn reason behind the 99.9999% uptime.

Most of the providers do not offer free SSL on their basic hosting plan, unlike others, Hostwinds offers its users Free SSL certificate along with unlimited storage, databases and bandwidth as well.

With Hostwinds basic shared hosting plan, you can host one domain with unlimited disk space starting from $6.74 per month. Compared to Hostinger plans, this is quite high in terms of  price. Same as the Price, the features are too rich.

Features of HostWinds 

  • Free SSL Certificates on all the Hosting Plans
  • Three Modernized data centres in which you can choose your nearby one for maximum uptime. If your audience targets based on USA location, luckily you can offer superior website experience to your users with HostWinds.
  • HostWinds offers nightly backups on a daily basis with some additional cost to secure your website datas.
  • Integrated with Weebly drag and drop website builder with the use, you can easily develop your blogs even if you are a zero knowledge coding guy.
  • 24/7/365 instant support through website in-build live chat.

5. Flaunt7

Flaunt7 uses green data centres in the Netherlands with the use of renewable energy sources. Due to the green data centres, as promised Flaunt7 can reliably offer customers 1 solid 99.99% uptime with no compromise of quality issues.

There is a special technical team to maintain infrastructures in the form of 24/7/365 period to overcome the downtime challenges. Whatever your query is related to the web hosting provider, you can either use their chat support or even have a Community Forum in which you can find the instant solutions for the issues you face with the provider. But remember, they are very sure about their uptime and promises no website shutdowns.

Along with Credit Cards and Paypal payment methods, Flaunt7 does also accept bitcoin payments in which you can pay your bitcoins to grab the hosting plans from Flaunt7.

They offer guarantees for the users privacy and data as they believe customers privacy is at the top of the priority list. The Flaunt7 prices are even attractive as they do offer a basic StartUp plan in which you need to pay just 3.99$ per month. You can host unlimited domains even in the Flaunt7 startup plan.

Features of Flaunt7  

  • Unlimited domains, storage, bandwidth, SSL certificates all will be given for Free even in their basic STARTUP plan.
  • Flaunt7 offers a Free Domain when you opt for their annual plans.
  • 50,000 unique Visits monthly with their startup plan itself. For higher traffic sites, you may try Ultimate Pro plan if they offer you around 2 Million unique visits monthly.
  • Pay for your hosting plan with Flaunt7 easily using your bitcoin.
  • Flaunt7 never stored their users’ payment credentials such as credit card details, paypal details etc.

6. BitCoin Web Hosting

If you are checking out the web hosting company home page, there is a simple tagline mentioned ‘Privacy Respected. Bitcoin Accepted’ To popularize more about their acceptance of bitcoin (BTC), the company has selected the name itself as BitCoin Web Hosting. So, the users can easily come to know the specific web hosting company offers bitcoin hosting.

For every web hosting plan, the company added the name bitcoin before the name of the plan like Bitcoin Shared Web Hosting, Bitcoin VPS hosting etc.. The idea behind using the name bitcoin for every plan sounds interesting as it looks catchy and lets the customers easily understand and buy web hosting with bitcoin.

Bitcoin Web Hosting offers high performing servers across different data centres that are majorly located in Europe, USA and Asia.

For your website instant setup with bitcoin payment options, BitCoin Web Hosting is a company that you may depend on to get the 99.99% uptime. In their very basic plan called starter, you can host up to 2 websites with free SSL certificates, unlimited storage and bandwidth along with 10 email addresses. The starter plan starts from just 0.000084 btc. The amounts are subject to change as Bitcoins value keeps on fluctuating.

Features of Bitcoin Web Hosting

  • Offers Unlimited Email Address as well as you can host Unlimited Websites in their standard plan which is one of the most popular web hosting plans.
  • You will get your queries answered within just 20 minutes as the company offers 24/7 premium support.
  • 1-Click Easy WordPress Installation could be the biggest breakthrough for beginners. Apart from WordPress, there are 350+ other apps like OpenCart, Joomla, Magento etc.. that you can install to your blog with just a single click.
  • The company offers Free Domain on your Every Annual Plan Purchase.
  • Easy to Use Control Panel

7. GlowHost

On top of the GlowHost home page, they mention their payment methods with their respective icons. Along with Paypal and other basic payment methods, you can also see the payment method icon that represents bitcoin. So, undoubtedly, you can buy GlowHost web hosting plans with the bitcoins you own.

GlowHost offers approximately around nine different web hosting plans including shared hosting plans, dedicated server plans, cloud server plans and few to name.

GlowHost is referred to as one of the well known USA based web hosting companies founded in 2002 that has a humongous amount of 16 data centres in different locations. According to your target audience location, you can wisely choose your data centres in order to offer your blog visitors a better user experience.

To host your single domain along with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, you can go for GlowHost Unlimited Single Plan costs around $4.95 per month. Along with the web hosting plan, GlowHost is the right destination to buy domain with bitcoin. They do also offer a website builder for all the customers with premade 1500+ templates to design your website with no coding experience.

Features of GlowHost  

  • Offers resellers hosting plans from just 0.00042 Bitcoin per month in which you can host unlimited websites and get a control panel in your own brand.
  • Providing your business an affordable Toll Free Number
  • 91 Days Money Back Guarantee is one such a tremendous feature offered by the company GlowHost.
  • Free Domain name of your Choice with some selected GlowHost hosting plans.
  • Simplified Coin Payments Payment Gateway to buy web hosting with bitcoin.

Advantages of Paying using Bitcoin for Your Web Hosting Purchase  

  • Low Transaction Fees – There is no middle man or companies between you and the provider when you pay using bitcoin and so, transaction fees are lower. If you are paying your web hosting bills through credit cards, probably the bank charges you extra in your transaction fee.
  • No need for Bank Accounts – Whatever the Payment Gateways other than crypto payment gateways, you need your bank accounts to pay your charges. When you pay with bitcoins, there should be no involvement of bank accounts.
  • Keep your Identity Yourself – You will get extra privacy when you buy web hosting or domain with bitcoin. It is not at all possible to get your information with the transaction you made for web hosting through bitcoin, and so, the bitcoin transactions are termed as anonymous one.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

#1. Why There are No Big Names in the List of Best Web Hosting that Accepts BTC? 

Yes! I do agree. Not Zero, but here are a few popular names like Hostinger and Namecheap listed. As I believe, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin transactions are still in the state of getting popular everywhere worldwide, so the big names may soon announce their payment acceptance through BTC depending on how things are going with bitcoin payments.

#2. One Reason Why Bitcoins over Other Payment Methods to Buy Web Hosting?

If you are concerned about the privacy of your data you shared while registering domains or web hosting plans, you must go with bitcoin payments over regular payment methods. Transactions that are made through bitcoins cannot be accessible.

#3. How Do the Web Hosting Providers in the List Accepts Bitcoins? 

Like payment gateways available for different payment methods, there is a payment gateway for cryptocurrencies called CoinPayment. By use of the payment gateway, most of the above listed web hosting companies accept BTC and few other cryptos from the users.

#4. What is the Hardest Truth about best web hosting that accepts BTC? 

Getting your money back if you’re not satisfied with the service provider is the hardest part when you pay for your hosting plans using bitcoin. The reason behind the hardest truth is that, the value of bitcoin keeps changing and no one is sure about the value of bitcoin during the time you request your money back. So, most of the companies do not offer you money back guarantee when you buy web hosting with bitcoin. Make sure to read out the terms and conditions about the refund policy before you pay your bitcoin.

#5. Can you Recommend One Best amongst the above list of Web Hosting Companies?

Each web hosting service provider in the list actually offers rich features to their customers. In order to pick one best among all, I would choose Hostinger as the best. As you may know, Hostinger is the most popular among all as well as it is one of the affordable web hosting service providers with extraordinary features.


There are even other providers that offer bitcoin hosting, but the reason I have limited the list of companies is because these are reliable, well known, trustworthy as well as offering feature rich hosting solutions.

Even in the FAQ section, I have suggested one best among the all, but it does not mean you should not try other providers as all the web hosting companies that accept BTC in the list are good to go and recommended by many experts who have already tried. So, before you spend your bitcoins, ensure to go through the website’s page, have a look at their plans, prices and features and then finally decide what sounds best for you.

Fee free to share with us, if you have any previous experience paying for web hosting using your bitcoin. We are delighted to have you on board to read your experiences through the comment column. And Importantly, give it a share, if you feel the blog post gave you all the information you needed before your landing.

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