5 Best Cheating Apps for iPhone

If you need the best cheating apps for iPhone, you’ve come to the right place. By cheating, I mean an extra-martial affair, cheating on your spouse that is.

Most of the apps listed below are made exclusively for that very purpose. You’d mostly find other married individuals looking for a similar connection.  Even when you find singles on these sites, they’re people totally willing to look past your current relationship status.

Obviously that I’m not promoting or encouraging extra martial affairs. That’s not a very good thing to do. However, a lot of people do cheat. When doing so, it’s best to do it in a way which is least-damaging and potentially most fruitful.

Keeping the same in mind, most of these apps offer specialized features for anonymity, stealth and privacy, that’s one of the reasons why I’ve included them here.

Best Cheating Apps for iPhone in 2024

These are the best apps to cheat using an iPhone, picked based on their user-base, popularity, features (primarily “privacy-centric):

Go find that “spark” back?

1. Ashley Madison

App link: https://www.ashleymadison.com/

User database: 60 million+

You’d not find as many married individuals looking for a partner anywhere else as on Ashley Madison.

It’s literally the world’s oldest, most well-established extra martial dating app. That results into its 60 million+ user database, a number that’s unmatched by any other competitor. In fact, it adds over 15,000 new users everyday! This is what makes it the best of the best iPhone apps for cheaters.

Obviously it’s also open to singles. As a result, married people can also use it to find single partners.

It focuses a lot of user anonymity and privacy. As a result, there are no social logins. You must use an e-mail. You can also add 2-FA and a PIN/fingerprint authentication on the mobile app!

It offers advanced features for photo privacy. First, you can have a “public” and a “private” album. The public album is free for everyone, however, the private album isn’t.

Other users must request a “key” from you. Only if you grant access are those private photos shared with the users.

Even the bills on your credit card (if you choose to go for any paid features, that’s optional) are masked and do not appear from “Ashley Madison”.

Ashley Madison has an in-built photo editor. It allows you to add masks and blur your photos.

Its self-destructing messages further make it the best iPhone cheating app. You can send the most weird, revealing, and maybe even sexual messages as they get permanently deleted after being read.

One of the most unique features is its “Travelling Man” feature. When you’ve got an upcoming trip, this feature finds women in your destination-region who’d be interested in meeting you.

Obviously you get to chat with other married (and single) users on the app and view their entire profiles.

The profiles grant unrestricted access to profile photos, physical appearances, relationship status, what a user is looking for, interests etc.

It has advanced features such as the “Priority Man”. This makes you appear on top in search results, helps in getting more visibility and interested partners.

While men have to pay for a few optional features, women never pay on Ashley Madison. They get 100% of Ashley Madison absolutely free!

Even men get to keep messaging for free forever by opting for add-ons such as “Message Plus” or “Member Initiated Contact”. There’s even a 30-day free trial for both the features! Try them out for yourselves?

As for payments, if and when you do make them, it even accepts gift cards (in some regions!). So yes, totally anonymous!

In a nutshell, Ashley Madison is “the” most anonymous, member-rich, feature-rich of the best cheating apps out there. It’s not just for iOS either. There’s a very professional website as well as Android version as well!

2. Victoria Milan

App link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1116934101

User database: 7.8million+

7.8 million users, mostly married, looking for either hookups or something a bit more long-term. That’s what Victoria Milan is all about.

In fact, what makes it one of the best iPhone apps for cheaters is that Victoria Milan is custom-made exactly for that!

It markets itself as “100% anonymous” and fulfils that promise as well. No social logins/contacts are required to sign up. Also advocates on using a fake name instead of your real name.

Alike Ashley Madison, it too offers photo privacy. You can add masks and blur your photos after uploading them. You can also upload more private photos to a “private” album. Again, only users who request the “key” and get it from you can view these private photos.

It records the users who visited you so you know who may be interested. The people you visit get this notifications as well.

You can “like” and “wink” at people for free. This may get you more attention than just appearing in their “who viewed me” list.

Profile photos are free to access. The profile information generally includes a location, age, lifestyle, income information, physical appearance, education and most other basic information.

Some users also list upfront what turns them on! Being a married individual, you’d like its “Panic” button. It’s always available when browsing the site. Clicking on it changes the page to Youtube.com!

As far as finding the right person goes, you can search for users based on age,  location, region etc. You can even choose to only fetch profiles which have photos in them.

You can skip all this searching by simply going to the “online” tab. This shows a list of users who’re currently online on the site.

The one aspect I didn’t like are its automated spam messages. They seem to be from real profiles but I doubt they are and I’ve got a few dozens of them!

It does allow sending winks and favoriting people for free. Sending messages requires credit. It too is completely free for women and only pay for all the paid features.

The cheapest plan starts at EUR 3.75/week. The good news? Credit card charges are masked and do not appear from VM. You can even pay using Cryptocurrencies which will make you completely anonymous!  Online wallets and vouchers too can be used!

3. Gleeden

App link: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/gleeden/id521820547

User database: 7million+

Gleeden is another answer for you if you’ve ever asked “What apps do cheaters use”? Actually, it’s not exclusively for cheating. It’s just an extra-martial dating app which can be used to find legitimate partners if you aren’t happy with your current one.

It gained popularity primarily with its tagline “Made by women, for women”. Naturally, it’s totally free for women.

Its database consists of 7million+ users will always ensure you find someone worth your time. The app even has a “find users’ button which finds users near you in seconds.

The app can also be protected using an additional PIN! Acts as 2-FA in addition to your password. Another security feature is its “emergency exit on shake”! Its like the panic button but for the app.

Its most impressive aspect is the bot-less environment and active users. You get a few messages from real, active members within a few minutes of signing up. They probably find you using the “new members” page.

Alike Ashley Madison, it too features self-destructing messages. These are generally deleted once a user logs out.

Considering it’s for extra-martial dating, it offers multiple relationship status choices. You can either be married, divorced, separated, cohabitating and all of this can be transparently displayed on your profile. You can even search for users based on these filters.

It has a “visitors” list which shows you who visited you, a “crushes” list which shows who crushed on you and a “favourites” list showing users who added you to their list.

Even when on the app, the profiles are pretty detailed. They show you the ethnicity, smoking habits, personality, what “I’m looking for”, sexual practices, sport interests, income and obviously age and location.

Gleeden offers a few more search-filters on its website. It also has an Android application.

Multiple profile photos can be uploaded and browsed on user profiles. Search filters on the app include an age-range, connection status (the last time the person was online), location and photo-availability.

You wouldn’t even use these much. The app dashboard directly shows a list of online/new members and “members of the day”. In most cases, these pools are enough to help you find a partner.

It’s clearly feature-rich, tell me it doesn’t deserve a spot as one of the best cheating apps for iPhone?

4. SeekingArrangement

App link: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/seeking-arrangement-seeking/id1520437134

User database: 10million+

Even though it’s not exclusively made for this, SeekingArrangement has slowly become one of the best iPhone apps for cheaters.

That’s primarily because it’s a dating platform for sugar daddies/mommies and sugar babies. So, if you’re a married individual on the 30+ side of age, you need to be rich in order to use SeekingArrangement.

On the bright side, the partners you’d meet are always okay with whatever your current relationship status, as long as you’re financially supporting them.

Similarly, even if you’re a young, not-so-rich individual, as long as you look good (because unfortunately that’s the world we live in),  you can find other married/single partners here to be your sugar partners.

The good news is its verification system. The number of scammers/fake profiles is rather limited. It has advanced features to verify a person’s college, financial background and even background information in general.  Social media verification too is possible.

Profiles are free to access. You get to know what the person likes, is into, what they’re seeking, drinking and smoking habits, relationship status etc.

If you’re into young partners, it has a special “college members” section. This shows profiles of users who’re in college. All these college profiles are verified. “Featured members”, “members online now” and “new members” are other tabs you can use to find partners fast.

As far as manual searches go, you can search based on location, distance from you, lifestyle choices, ethnicity, physical appearances, and even “profile text” (e.g. “hiking”/ “cars” etc.).

Note that if you wish to use the Seeking iOS app for cheating on your spouse, you must sign up as a “sugar daddy/mommy”. Signing up as a sugar baby wouldn’t get you many leads.

Instant messaging users is possible even though it’s not free. Subscription starts at  $90.00 USD. Again, the charges are masked on your credit card bill.


App link: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/tinder-dating-meet-people/id547702041

User database: 66million+

Tinder is probably the most popular, well-known and heard of dating platform on the planet. Despite its 66million+ user base, It’s low on this list. That’s because it’s not explicitly made to be one of the best apps for cheating spouse, rather, it has become more of a hookup platform.

That said, you totally can find partners on Tinder even if you’re married. It’s most popular because of its swipe left/right features.

It also keeps spammers at bay as only  those mutual matches can send messages to each other. Although it does offer the “note” with the “super like” feature which allows attaching notes to likes but it’s a premium feature.

I get it. A major problem with Tinder was you couldn’t find far-away partners. It forced location-based searches. However, it recently made its “Passport” feature free for everyone. Now you can search for distant users based on Zip codes and using a “pin on a map”!

Its “Boost” and “Superboost” features make you discoverable! They temporarily make you more visible in searches.

Obviously it also shows who likes you and you can like other people back. Now, if you need very detailed profiles with likes/interests/hobbies/lifestyle choices/income and so on, Tinder isn’t for you. Tinder likes to keep it brief, you mostly get  one-liners. A few profiles sure get very descriptive but that’s rare.

It has a few advanced features such as “Smart photos”. The A.I then picks the most attractive photo over a period of time and then shows that photo more for your profile.

A feature which puts most other best cheating apps for iPhone to shame is its video-chat feature. Another one of its impressive features is the verified badges. Profiles with the badge have verified that the photos really are them and that’s rare in the industry, isn’t it?

So, which are the final best cheating apps for iPhone?

Ashley Madison is the best iPhone cheating app, period. Not just the app, it’s also the best website for cheating on your spouse and the best Android app in the category.

Its 60m+ users-base isn’t the only reason which makes it the top choice. It’s literally made for cheating on your spouse! The stealth and anonymity features it offers are pretty practical and help “not ruin your marriage”!

Obviously, the Gleeden and Victoria Milan iOS apps serve a similar purpose as well. Seeking Arrangement is only for the financially-stable or good-looking folks and Tinder is more of a last resort.

All in all, I’m confident you can  pick atleast one app from this list of the best cheating apps for iPhone to get what you want. Just be sure not to cross any ethical, religious or moral lines.

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