13 Best Sites like Ashley Madison

Are you looking for the best sites like Ashley Madison to find a partner for a casual fling or a long-term relationship in 2024? If yes, then you have come across the right web page.

Here I am going to share a list of the 13 best websites like Ashley Madison and better alternatives. So, without any further ado, let’s get started-

The 13 Best Sites like Ashley Madison for 2024

1. Adult Friend Finder

Website: https://adultfriendfinder.com/

Whenever it comes to online adult dating websites, the only name that comes to mind is Adult Friend Finder. After all, it is arguably the world’s largest online sex and swinger community that boasts over a massive 100+ million registered users.

That said, Adult Friend Finder is definitely not for the people who want to find a serious, long-term committed relationship. There can be some exceptions, but most Adult Friend Finder users use this platform for casual hookups only.

Therefore, if you are looking for an Ashley Madison alternative to find a partner with long-term commitments, Adult Friend Finder will not be a good option. But we all know that most people who show interest in extramarital affairs primarily look for casual encounters only.

The best thing that I like about this alternative to Ashley Madison is that it is not only limited to an adult dating website, but it is entirely an adult social media platform on its own. Users get access to features commonly seen on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Users will be allowed to edit their profile page thoroughly, publish posts, post images and videos, make new friends, comment on their posts, and even live stream.

The user interface of the website also gives a vibe of social media platforms but with a bit porny content. Even though the user interface looks very much visually appealing, the images and videos on the website are not safe for work.

The registration process is fairly simple, and users don’t need to do any account verification. Due to that, the number of dead profiles on Adult Friend Finder is a bit more than any other rivals. However, their recently active feature will come in handy in such a situation.

The free membership offers very basic access to the platform. Free users are allowed to see other user’s profiles and publicly available content. But if you want to connect with a user or initiate a conversation, you will be required to opt for the GOLD membership.

2. Seeking Arrangement

Website: https://www.seeking.com/

Since you are looking for sites like Ashley Madison, Seeking Arrangement can be a good option for you. But before heading towards the website, do note that it is not exclusively a regular dating website; rather, it is a sugar dating platform.

If you are not aware of the sugar dating concept, let me give you a quick overview. So, sugar dating is a transactional dating concept where an older, wealthier person (can be a male or female) supports or spends lavishly on a younger attractive partner and takes them on dates and have fun with them.

These sugar dating relationships are mutually beneficial for both partners, but it only works if you are a well-to-do wealthier person. That is because you have to spend a lot of money on your sugar babies, and if you are not doing exceptionally great in your life, then Seeking Arrangement might not work for you.

A regular dating expense on Seeking Arrangement with a sugar baby can go up to 10 grands, which can be quite expensive for many. But sugar dating is all about money, and that’s why it is not for everyone.

That said, there are a lot of good things about this online dating platform to talk about. The very first one is the male-to-female ratio. Where other online dating sites are heavily crowded with male users, Seeking Arrangement claims that they have at least four sugar babies per sugar daddy.

That means if you are a male, then the odds will always be in your favor. This is the reason Seeking Arrangements has an impressively higher success rate, and most of the members could manage to find their sugar babies within the first five days.

The user base of Seeking Arrangement is quite extensive as well. This website boasts over 10 million registered users and operates in 139 countries, making it readily available for global users.

Seeking Arrangement is entirely free for female users, especially those who join the platform as sugar babies. But if you are a male user, you need to pay for a membership that can cost you up to $249 a month, depending on the membership plan you chose.

3. Victoria Milan

Website: https://www.victoriamilan.com

Next on our list, we have Victoria Milan. It is a very similar site like Ashley Madison in terms of features both platforms offer and their targeted audiences.

With a claim of “World’s No. 1 Website for Married & Attached Dating,” Victoria Milan also targets married individuals who want to spice up their day-to-day life. To be honest, that claim is ultimately a gimmick, but that doesn’t mean Victoria Milan doesn’t have something to offer.

After all, they nearly have around 8 million registered users on their platform. The best thing is that it also takes its users through a rigorous account verification process that keeps the fake and spammy profiles away from this website.

Victoria Milan is quite famous because of its top-class security and privacy. To maintain security, it uses an AES 128 SHA 256 128-bit encryption throughout the website. This encryption ensures that all the information you enter on Victoria Milan’s website will be encrypted.

Furthermore, it uses a security system designed by Norton that takes the security to the next level. Besides that, you get your hands on features like anonymous blur, account block, hide me, and panic button. These are must-have features for anyone concerned about their privacy.

Victoria Milan also does not allow using real names while creating an account. You need to use an unidentifiable user name, and on top of that, you are not allowed to link your social media accounts. That means you need to enter each piece of information about yourself on your own.

Talking about the pricing, Victoria Milan is a bit costlier than others. The monthly membership plan can cost you anywhere between $29.99 a month to $ 49.99 a month, depending on the membership plan and duration of your membership.

Obviously, the platform is too strict about a few things, but it is what it is. If you are concerned about your privacy and security, I highly suggest you chose Victoria Milan. But the higher pricing can be a thing of concern.

4. NoStringsAttached 

Website: https://nostringsattached.com/

This is an Ashley Madison alternative from the get-go. When signing up, you select if you’re an attached male or a female. This clearly indicates that its user-base does consist of individuals in a relationship. It also has options for singles and isn’t exclusively for extra marital dating.

Registration is free, instant and anonymous. All you need is an e-mail ID. 

The interface does feel ancient and isn’t very inviting. The search filters are impressive, you can search for age, body type, hair colour, height, religion and tons of other characteristics. 

It’s also big on video sharing and live webcams! 

It also has a “private album” that’s only available to paid users. Talking of paid users, a large number of features are reserved for paying users only. This includes messaging and webcam shows. But then, the same is true for Ashley Madison as well, isn’t it?

5. What’s Your Price

Website: https://whatsyourprice.com/ 

It does sound “weird” but hear me out. The concept is somewhat similar to the sugar daddy/baby model. 

When signing up, you can either be a “generous user” (someone who “makes offers”) or an “attractive user” (someone who receives offers). You visit profiles and enter an amount you’re willing to pay for the date. The receiver can either accept/reject or propose a counter offer. 

It’s a site similar to Ashley Madison as the members there do not care about your marital status. The site also asks you to NOT share your real name or identity which adds to your overall privacy.

When signing up, you select your body type, height,  what you’re looking for etc. Do note that while you can sign up without adding pictures, to use the site (send/receive date offers) you mazdust upload pictures.

Once signed up, you can directly search for people. You can also go back and check who viewed you or favorited you. 

Profiles generally include a big profile picture, age, location, all the physical features, interests and a few pictures. 

The interface is pretty modern overall and can be used by anyone.

6. Zoosk

Website: https://www.zoosk.com/

The next alternative to Ashley Madison on our list is Zoosk. It is a very popular online dating platform that promises to help and connect like-minded people.

This platform came into existence in 2007, and since then, this platform has evolved a lot in terms of features, design, and other offerings. All this inclusion of features has helped this website to grow well in this very competitive industry.

Right now, Zoosk boasts over 40 million registered users and serves in 80 different countries. Not only that, but the platform supports 25 different languages that make it a truly global online dating platform.

One thing that you should know about Zoosk is that it is not a platform for people who are primarily looking for casual hookups or sexual encounters. You can get that, but you will have a slightly harder time on Zoosk. That is because the big majority of Zoosk users are into long-term datings.

One of the highly regarded features of Zoosk is its SmartPick function. This feature helps users by recommending them profiles with the same likings. They do this by reading and analyzing the behavioral data of you.

If you want to see how this algorithm tracks down your behavioral data, you can visit the Dating Insight page of your profile. Apart from that, you can also use its advanced search system to find nearby people with potential matches.

This advanced search feature lets you search users yourself, and while doing that, you can use advanced search filters like interests, location, sexual orientation, gender, age, and others to narrow down the list of users.

The only major downside of Zoosk is that it is not free. Obviously, they have a free membership, but that can only be used to browse the site and other user’s profiles. But if you want to initiate a conversation, you will have to upgrade your account with the premium subscription.

7. Free Ads Time

Website: https://www.freeadstime.org/

Free Ads Time, as the name suggests, lets people post ads for free like Bedpage. The ads can be about anything, cars, houses, gaming station, or obviously, just for meeting new people!

It in fact has the “community” category that makes Free Ads Time a site like Ashley Madison. In this section, you find “people”. It has categories such as entertainment, garage sales, churches, mosques, carpool and so on.

I’m confident you’ll find someone who’s just looking to get cozy. If not, you can always post your own ads. It won’t cost you a penny. You don’t even have to register! Because of its geo-filters, you can search for or be found easily by folks in your neighbourhood.

8. WallClassifieds

Website: https://www.wallclassifieds.com/

Another classified ad site which can be used as one of the Ashley Madison alternatives. WallClassifieds doesn’t have a direct “community” category. You can search for other like-minded people in its other categories such as “services” or “beauty” (and many others).

Again, no registration required and it’s completely anonymous. Even when you post an ad, the user trying to contact you doesn’t get a hold of your contact information.

It does allow posting profile pictures but that’s completely optional as well. It has a search-filter using which you can find people who’re close to you (geographically).

Even if you’re a very basic user, its search-bar is all you need to use. Simply search for terms such as “partner” or other similar terms and you should find what you’re looking for.

9. Gleeden

Website: https://en.gleeden.com/

Gleeden is, hands down, one of the best adult dating platforms on the internet, especially if you are a woman. That is because this platform is owned by a woman, managed by a team of women, and mainly markets itself for women.

Since the platform primarily targets married females interested in extramarital affairs, it takes user privacy and security very seriously. Therefore, users don’t need to worry about their data and information leaking.

To ensure that users can use the platform anonymously, they offer features like image-blur, hide me, and others. In addition to that, there is one more feature called the “Panic Button.” Whenever you feel like your spouse has caught you, you can click on this button, and it will redirect you to a safe website like YouTube or Google.

The search function on the website is quite impressive. It gives access to a wide range of filters that you can apply while searching for partners nearby. For example, you can use filters like height, body type, age, distance, online status, occupation, and many other things to narrow down your search results.

Gleeden boasts a user base of around 8 million users, which seems a bit lesser than many other rivals. However, the best thing about this platform is that this community is very active. Due to its rigorous account verification process, it is difficult to find dead or bot profiles, which is a big plus.

Another great feature that keeps this platform healthy is user moderation. This feature basically allows you to report harmful-looking profiles, and their team manually checks that profile for legitimacy. Access to this feature is free for females, but male users need to use their credits to use it.

Being a platform that talks about women empowerment, Gleeden is 100 free for female users. But male users have to buy credits to access features. The cost per credit can range between $0.25 per credit to $0.60 per credit, depending on the plan you chose.

Being a regular online dating website user and a male, I am not a big fan of the credit system. Also, the cost per credit on Gleeden is much higher than others. But if you are a female user, I highly suggest you give Gleeden a try.

10. FinderMaster

Website: https://www.findermaster.com/

FinderMaster lets you “find things”, obviously. It too prioritizes anonymity and privacy. When you’re searching for someone or something, you don’t have to give away any personal information! No registration is required.

Similarly, when you’re posting an ad (which is completely free) the website only asks for an e-mail ID and phone number, that’s only so that other interested parties can contact you. The other parties don’t even see this info, they see a contact box. The message is forwarded to you by the site, without revealing your contact info.

It’s primarily used to buy/sell products locally. However, there’s no restriction on trying to find, or listing yourself as a potential partner! Geo-filters do exist.

11. Marital Affair

Website: https://www.maritalaffair.com/

Marital Affair is one of the most undervalued sites similar to Ashley Madison, yet it is worth considering as an option while looking for an alternative to Ashley Madison. After all, both of these are similar kinds of websites.

Even though the platform is in the industry for quite a long now, it has received a sudden growth spurt in user base in recent few years only, especially after the covid breakout. In Feb 2020, the site reported an increase of +72 percent in signup of its female users.

This sudden hike in user base has helped Marital Affairs to become a leading online extramarital dating site in the US. However, the site has not revealed the numbers of its total user base, but a rough idea and some research suggest that it has over 50 million registered users.

Considering the fact that Marital Affairs only functions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa only, even 50 million registered users are way too much.

Although the website primarily focuses on helping married individuals to find adultery dating partners, being married is not a criterion to join the platform. Singles can also join this website to have fun, but they must be straight, not homo.

The user interface of the website is very eye-catchy and attractive. However, it is an adult dating platform, and it does contain porny content that might not be safe for work. Therefore, be aware of your surroundings before visiting the website.

But the user interface is neatly designed and very well organized. It makes it very easy to use as well. The registration process is also straightforward and doesn’t take much time to get you on board. The anti-scammer technology helps to keep the platform clean from fake profiles.

The only drawback comes from a privacy standpoint. The website’s name appears on the credit card bill, which is really a big deal for people who are looking for an Ashley Madison alternative for cheating purposes.

12. ClassifiedsFactor

Website: https://www.classifiedsfactor.com/

Head to the site and check their “communities” category. You’ll find people who’re searching for musicians, volunteers, event partners and so on.

If you don’t see someone directly looking for a partner, just publish your own ad! It’s free. Your ad will then appear in the category whenever someone else like you visits it!

There’s absolutely no fee or charges so your credit card bills remain clean. There’s no registration so your personal life remains safe. And the site is primarily a “classified ads site” so even your browser history looks innocent!My only issue is with the dozens of ads on the site, however, those can be ignored easily.

13. Illicit Encounters

Website: https://www.illicitencounters.com/

Illicit Encounters is an online adult dating site that is strictly available for users based in the United States and the Republic of Ireland. Therefore, if you are from any of these two places, Illicit Encounters could be a good Ashley Madison type site for you.

Illicit Encounters is strictly for married individuals, and users have to disclose their marital status while they register on the platform. They get four options to choose between – married, divorced, widowed, and separated.

That said, singles are not allowed on the platform. Because of that, the majority of its user base ranges within the age group of 30-40. The best thing about Illicit Encounters is its gender proportion. It is equally balanced, unlike other men-dominated adult dating platforms.

This Ashley Madison alternative is strictly a place for married individuals who are looking for short-term affairs and sexual encounters. There is no room for a serious relationship, and this is the main reason singles are not allowed to use this platform.

Considering the fact that Illicit Encounter only functions in the United States and the Republic of Ireland, their user base is pretty impressive. They boast almost around 1.5 million registered users who reside in these two countries.

The user interface of the website is very simple. It does not have any fancy stuff, which adds a bit of charm to its UI. However, the account registration process is a bit extensive, and it can take up to 7-10 minutes to get you on board.

When you register on the website, you will be asked to enter some of your personal information, such as your name, email, username, password, etc., along with your marital status and age. Furthermore, you will have to enter about what kind of relationships you want and some of your interests to help other users know about your personality.

Like all other sites like Ashley Madison, Illicit Encounters also offers a free membership option but with very limited access to its features. To access premium features, you need to upgrade your membership plan that starts at 149 pounds a month.

Closing Comments

So, there you have the 13 best sites like Ashley Madison.

If you are primarily looking for a short-term fling or casual hookups, then Adult Friend Finder and the Illicit Encounters are the best options available in front of you. Whereas Zoosk, Gleeden, and Victoria Milan are the allrounders, and here you can get people interested in both short-term dating and long-term relationships.

And if you are a wealthy individual who is doing well in your life, there is no better option than Seeking Arrangement. It is the best sugar dating website, in my opinion.

With that said, here I am signing off. I hope it was a helpful article for you.

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