12 Sites Like Adult Friend Finder

Are you tired of encountering fake profiles on Adult Friend Finder and looking for best sites like Adult Friend Finder ? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here I am going to share a list of the better AFF alternatives websites. So, without any further ado, let’s get started-

The 12 Best Sites Like Adult Friend Finder In 2024

Adult Friend Finder is one of the most popular sites for adult datings and casual hookups. They have a massive 100+ million registered users worldwide, which is one of the biggest databases among online dating websites.

But because Adult Friend Finder doesn’t follow any account verification process, and due to that, their platform is filled with tons of fake profiles. On top of that, the security practices they follow are very poorly designed.

However, the good thing is that you don’t have to suffer all that. On the internet, you can find so many great sites like AFF. Here we have compiled a list of 12 best sites like AdultFriendFinder. We have also included a short review of each website so that you can decide the right one for you.

So, here we have our first site like Adult Friend Finder-

1. Ashley Madison

Website: https://www.ashleymadison.com/

The very first website that you can use as an Adult Friend Finder alternative is none other than Ashley Madison. It is my favorite website when it comes to online adult dating. It is the first website of its kind that openly encourages people to have adultery affairs.

Ashley Madison joined the adult dating industry in 2001, and its unique marketing techniques hoarded many controversies. It was because extramarital affairs were considered taboo back then, and it was the only platform that was publically promoting it.

But those controversies actually worked in Ashley Madison’s favor and helped them grow immensely. Right now, Ashley Madison serves over 80 million customers across the globe, making it one of the biggest adult dating hubs online.

Even though their website’s tagline says, “Life is short. Have an affair,” it is not restricted to married people only. Anyone who is above 18 can join the platform and have fun.

The best thing about Ashley Madison is that it is a very secure platform. Offering high-quality security and anonymity to their users is their utmost priority. To join the platform, you will need an email address, and that’s it. You don’t have to undergo any profile verification or upload images. Therefore, if you are very concerned about your privacy, Ashley Madison is the right place for you.

The only thing that pissed me off about Ashley Madison is that even though it is completely free for female users, male users get very limited access. To access even basic features like replying to messages, male users have to pay for their premium membership that costs between $54.99 to $249.99 a month.

2. No String Attached

Website: https://nostringsattached.com/

As the name suggests, No String Attached is a platform for people looking for non-committal datings, married affairs, and casual hookups. Therefore, if you are looking for a site like Adult Friend Finder, No String Attached can be a worthy contender.

The website has a very clean and easy-to-use user interface. The structure of the website is very well designed, and it is highly optimized for smartphone and tablet devices. However, since it is an adult dating website, it has NSFW content, but you can enable the content filter on the desktop version of the website.

Like a social media platform, you can create and manage your profile. You can upload videos, images or even broadcast yourself. You can also interact with other users and models on their live shows.

The thing that impressed me a lot about No String Attached is that it takes security and privacy very seriously. They have applied SSL encryption throughout their website. Also, their team actively looks for spammy profiles and blocks them from the platform.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this platform is that even though it has a free membership plan, it gives minimal access. Even free users are not allowed to see the personal profiles of other users. Therefore, if you want to access the platform, you must have to go for the premium membership plan.

Overall, No String Attached is an excellent website like Adult Friend Finder that offers exciting features that are rare to see on adult dating platforms. The only shortcoming is that the free membership doesn’t provide much access to its services, and to unleash the platform’s full potential, you must have to opt for the premium subscription.

3. GetitOn

Website: https://getiton.com/

GetitOn’s tagline says –“find your sexually compatible partner”. This tells us that alike AFF’s largely nude profiles, the priority here too is to help you find sexual partners.

Talking of AFF, the interface is identical to what’s being offered on AdultFriendFinder minus the feed/wall. The live streams however are available and can be joined for free (except the private streams).

A large number of profiles are shown on your dashboard. Sexuality, age and location filters can be used to search for users manually.

Hovering over the profiles does bring up an overview. Although most major features such as adding friends, visiting profiles, or even sending a “flirt” needs a paid subscription. It does show who viewed you for free though.

4. VictoriaMilan

Website : https://www.victoriamilan.com/

I’ll be honest, VictoriaMilan isn’t an immediate AdultFriendFinder alternative. However, the end-outcome is the same, letting you find sexual partners.

VictoriaMilan is closer to Ashley Madison than AFF. It too is an “affair” site, letting married/attached individuals find partners, discreetly.

Its interface is way more professional and modern than what AFF offers. Unlike AFF, it shows you who viewed your profile for free! With over 9 million registered users you’re bound to find who you’re searching for here.

It lets you be anonymous by offering in-built masking and editing tools for your profile photos. You can also have two separate albums, one public and one private.

While it shows members near you by default, you can also choose to find people thousands of miles away from you.

Profiles can be viewed for free. You’d need to pay in order to chat with others (not if you’re a female, it’s completely free for women).

Profile verification is  available just like on AdultFriendFinder, helps you get more exposure and matches. There’s a very advanced mobile app designed both for Android and iOS.

The manual search filters let you select every aspect of a person you can possibly think of (age, drinking habits, interests, sex drive, tattoos and so much more).

5. BiCupid

Website: https://bicupid.com

As the name may hint, it’s primarily a site for “Bisexuals”. Although, it totally accepts straight folks as well.

Just like AdultFriendFinder, it too has a feed you can post to. The like/comment features too exist so others can interact on your posts.

There’s a very modern instant messaging interface available. You don’t even have to search for people, it shows a few new members and “you might like” profiles on your dashboard at all times.

If you do wish to search though, sexuality, age, country are some of the available filters.

You can wink at people too. You can also check who viewed your profile just like on AFF. There’s a “Spark” feature which lets you swipe profiles. Mutual matches are then connected.

Then there’s a “Discover” page. You set your preferences and then it shows you dozens of profiles you can scroll through, all matching your preferences.

While it can be used for free, a number of features (viewed you list, more search filters, rewinds) etc. are only available to paid members.  Paid plans start at $15.99/month.

6. Alt

Website: https://alt.com

With over 852,000+ members, Alt.com is one of the closest sites to AdultFriendFinder on this list. For starters, the interface is identical. Not similar, truly identical.

Also, the open-minded community that you get on AFF? Totally available on Alt.com as well. The entire site is created for BDSM and Kink lovers.

In fact, it offers way more kink filters than AFF does. You’ll probably run out of Kinks and fetishes before the website does.

It also has live broadcasts and streams you can join. Profile overviews are free although to visit profiles, you’ll need to pay.

7. Seeking Arrangement

Website: https://www.seeking.com

If you are a wealthy individual looking for an attractive looking partner, then Seeking Arrangement can be the best choice for you. It is mainly a place for sugar daddies, but sugar mommas can also have a good time on this platform.

Seeking Arrangement is a community of over 10 million monthly active users, and according to their website, around eight million of them are sugar babies. The website also claims that they have at least four sugar babies for each sugar daddy, making it the right choice for financially successful males.

Even though the website primarily focuses on sugar daddies, I have seen plenty of satisfied sugar mommas on the platform as well. However, remember that it is a sugar dating website and if you are joining it, then be ready to spend money on your dating partner. After all, sugar datings are all about money.

The best thing about this website is that it has a very high success rate. It is because money plays a significant role in this platform, and the platform has a perfect male-to-female ratio.

There are a lot of good things about this platform. For instance, the website has a very impressive user interface. The entire website is loaded with tons of excellent features. They have a very comprehensive verification process, and it is available in over 139 countries.

The only shortcoming about Seeking Arrangement is that it is very pricey. Monthly premium membership can go up to $249 a month, and that is just the membership pricing. If you take someone from the platform on a date, you will have to pay for their expenses as well.

8. Xmatch

Website: https://xmatch.com/

If you are primarily looking for casual datings and local hookups, Xmatch can be an excellent choice for you. The service has been in existence since 1996 and is associated with the same Friend Finder Networks. Due to that, it shares a similar user base and management team.

The platform boasts a massive 100+ million users worldwide, and the majority of them are from the United States. Therefore, if you are from the United States, Xmatch is definitely worth a visit.

The user interface of Xmatch.com is very eye catchy and easy to use. But before you visit the website, let me tell you that it does contain NSFW content. So be aware of your surroundings before visiting the website.

This Adult Friend Finder alternative has so many excellent features. For instance, you can send flirts, pictures, or even videos to other members. If you want to do a live stream, you can do that too, and not only that, but you can comment on other user’s posts as well.

The trick here is that you must have a premium membership to access all the features I mentioned above. A free membership plan will offer you nothing. That doesn’t even allow you to visit other user’s profiles. However, the premium membership is pretty cheap. You can get it at just $6.30 a month if you go for an annual plan.

The major drawback of this platform is that it is ad-supported, and you would be aware of what sort of ads they show on adult platforms. The ads they feature are just not only annoying but also not safe for work. Also, they link to third-party websites, which is a major deal-breaker for me.

9. Kasidie

Website: https://www.kasidie.com/

There’s a wall you can post to and there’s a lot of nudity, enough similarities to AdultFriendFinder, right?

Also, just like AdultFriendFinder, it too doesn’t allow free profile viewing. There’s also a “certification” available, just like the verification thing AFF offers.

Getting certified requires you to upload a photo/ get other eligible members to certify you. Once certified, you get a badge showcasing that you’re verified. You also get access to more features/groups available only to certified members.

Kasidie has groups, forums, parties and even travel planners for you to join and play with.  Manual searching offers dozens of physical features,  sexual preferences, certification level, age, distance and other specifics to choose from.

The interface I’ll agree isn’t very welcoming. Cheapest paid plan goes for $19.95 for the month. Although, if you pay annually, it’s $129.95 for the year which is about $10/month.

10. SwingLifeStyle (SLS)

Website: https://www.swinglifestyle.com/

So, how is SLS similar to AdultFriendFinder? The social wall that you can post on, and engage with others is available on both the platforms. Both the sites also show who viewed you. Being a Swinger-site, SLS too has a user-base that doesn’t shy away from sex.

Additionally, you can find new partners without having to search manually in both the cases. SwingLifeStyle does show “newest matches” and “random matches” on your dashboard.

SLS has a certification just like AFF’s profile verification feature.

SLS however offers more insights into offline, real-world events than AFF. It has clubs, parties, get-togethers and other such events you can go to. SLS also offers free viewing of complete profiles which AFF doesn’t.

SLS does have a manual search feature. Age, distance, smoking habits, certification-level etc. are some of the available features.

Instant messaging is available but only for paid members. Plans start at $24.95/month.

11. Heated Affairs

Website: https://heatedaffairs.com/

Heated Affairs is another popular platform that can be used to find people for casual hookups and sexual encounters. This website has a massive 48+ million user base, and the best thing is that the majority of them fall into the age range of 24 to 35.

The platform came into existence in 2013 and considering that it has grown very well. According to the company, they receive over 200,000 monthly visitors and more than 60,000 new users signups.

The user interface of the website is immaculate and informative. However, some people may find it a bit cramped, but since the website is easy to use, I don’t think anybody will have any problem. If you want to hide those extra pieces of information, you can switch to the website’s mobile version.

The best thing about Heated Affairs is that it is a feature-rich service. For example, you can create or join a live show, and you can even use the platform to create a network of like-minded people. You can also publish posts, leave comments and testimonials.

Security is the utmost priority of this platform. That’s why every single account must have to undergo manual verification. If you fail the verification process, you will be restricted from accessing the services offered by Heated Affairs.

Heated Affair does feature a free membership plan, but that only gives minimal access to its services. Free membership plan will only let you browse the platform but will not be allowed to start a conversation or send flirts to other users.

12. GiganticList

Website: https://www.giganticlist.com/

You need websites like Adult Friend Finder so you can find someone to partner up with, right? GiganticList may be able to help. It’s a website that lets people advertise and buy almost everything. The default categories are real estate, vehicles, services, jobs, etc.

What may interest you is its “community” category. This is where you find other like-minded people. The sub-categories for now include carpooling, volunteers, events, and community activities. Obviously, that’s not the limit. You can find people for any other activity of yours!

If you don’t find someone of your type, you can post an “Ad” for them (sounds weird, I know). You can describe exactly what you’re looking for. When someone else sees your listing, he/she can contact you without getting direct access to your contact information. Posting these ads too is free.

13. FinderMaster

Website: https://www.findermaster.com/

The website lets you find things (or people) locally. People from all around the world list products and services they wish to sell. You can find cars, houses, clothes, gadgets, phones, pets and basically everything else.

Similarly, you can use it to find people who’re interested in similar activities like you. You can use its very narrow filters to search for products and people. You can filter for country, state, region, category and even a price-range.

The platform is completely free to use. You can publish your own ads for free as well. It doesn’t even require registration. Just select category, price, write a brief description and maybe upload thumbnails (or, profile pictures?) and you’re set.

14. ClassifiedsFactor

Website: https://www.classifiedsfactor.com/

This looks and feels exactly like the AFF alternative mentioned above. Obviously, it has a different database of users and products. Again, it helps you find products and services locally. You will see categories like vehicles, classes, health, jobs, etc.

The “community” category is where you can either find someone who has already listed his/her ad, or you can put your own ad up, completely free. It already has categories such as musicians, artists, volunteers, etc.

The search filters too are available. You can specify your category, city, price range etc. If you’re searching for people, you’ll love its “show only listings with pictures” filter, this will only show those ads which have photos.

15. Horny Affairs

Website: https://www.hornyaffairs.com

Horny Affairs is primarily an online platform for people looking for sexual encounters. Unlike Ashley Madison, Horny Affairs is not the place where you can find partners for long-term relationships. Instead, it is a website like Adult Friend Finder, mostly used to find partners for a one-night stand or short-term dating.

The user interface of the website is okay. It looks a bit dated, but there is nothing to complain about as long as it works fine. They have named their recommendation section “My Matches,” and shockingly. Also, their recommendation algorithm is very impressive.

However, the best thing about this platform is its search function. It lets you apply detailed filters such as age, body type, height, hair colors, and even secret kinky desires. It can help you find the right people of your choice.

If you opt for the premium membership, you will get access to a premium section named “My Visitors.” On this page, you can see the list of users that have checked your profiles recently. This feature may come in very handy to find people who are interested in you.

However, Horny Affairs has several shortcomings. The first one is that its free user membership plan is very limited. It only gives you access to see other users’ profiles, but you can do nothing except that. Free users also have to deal with advertisements that are NSFW and links to third-party websites.

Another major thing to concern is that this platform boasts a good amount of fake profiles. Now I am not saying that it is hard to find real people on Horny Affairs. You can, but just be aware.

Website: https://www.advertiseera.com/

As soon as you land on the site, you’ll notice dozens of categories. These will include jobs, services, community, for rent, real estate and so on.

People post ads in these categories. Buyers can then find products and services they’re interested in here. There’s no “mediator”, the website doesn’t collect any fee or escrow service. No escrow exists to begin with.

Because you’re searching for AFF alternatives, you can post your ad in the “community” category. Posting ads is completely free. Obviously, you can also search for pre-existing ads in the “events”, “community activities” and other related categories.

You can contact the owners of these ads directly from the site, there’s a contact form which helps with that.

17. eHarmony

Website: https://www.eharmony.com/

The next site, like Adult Friend Finder, on our list, is eHarmony. It is another online adult dating platform that markets itself to users looking for a serious relationship with like-minded people. Hence, if you are looking for a serious relationship, eHarmony can be a good AFF alternative for you then.

eHarmony has a feature called “Compatibility Matching System” that suggests users with the same likings. It suggests other user profiles based on the preferences you have set. You can modify these preferences to narrow down the list of potential matches according to your taste.

This online dating service has been in the industry since around 2000. The company boasts over 70 million users from all over the world, making it one of the largest dating platforms on the internet. However, around 50% of users on this platform are from the United States.

eHarmony claims that the platform has around 51% men, and the rest 49% are women. I highly doubt that claim, but one thing is sure that they have a much better male to female ratio than other dating websites on the internet.

Being one of the oldest dating platforms around, eHarmony has an excellent reputation among users. The platform is primarily used to find people who are interested in serious commitments rather than short-term flings. Hereupon, if you are looking for casual hookups, you should look elsewhere.

The overall service of the platform is awe-inspiring, but the premium membership is a bit on the costlier side. If you sign up for a six-month premium membership, it will cost you around $65.90 a month. But you can reduce the membership cost to $35.90 a month if you choose the membership plan with 24 months of duration.

18. Zoosk

Website: https://www.zoosk.com/

Like eHarmony, Zoosk is another online dating platform that distinguishes itself from others by promising to connect users with other people with similar behavior and like-minded opinions. To achieve that, they collect your behavioral data and then suggest potential matches with similar likings.

They call this technology SmartPick, and it is very much accurate at reading you. If you are curious to see how Zoosk sees your behavior, you can visit the Dating Insight page. It is fascinating to see how good AI technology is at reading human behavior.

Zoosk came into existence in 2007, and right now, the service is available in 25 different languages and operates in more than 80 countries. In 2020, they reported having a user base of over 40 million users worldwide.

Since the platform primarily promotes long-term relationships, the majority of users on the platform fall within the age range of 22-35. The ratio of men and women is almost even. Even though Zoosk offers its services worldwide, around 40% of its users are from the United States only.

The user interface of the website is fairly simple to use and looks very attractive. The account registration process is also straightforward and hardly takes 3-5 minutes. To create an account, you will be asked to enter details such as your date of birth, location, gender, etc.

However, the account creation process at Zoosk is very rigorous, and if you fail it, you will be restricted entirely to access the website. The premium membership costs $12.50 a month if you opt for the six-months plan.

19. Friend Finder X 

Website: https://friendfinder-x.com/

The name isn’t the only thing that makes it a perfect AdultFriendfinder alternative. The interface is identical too! In fact, I initially thought it’s a mirror domain of AdultFriendFinder but upon registration I’ve verified that the two sites have different databases of users.

Because it’s an identical site, the features too are identical as well. A very social-media like interface, followed by features such as a timeline you can post to, react on posts made by others, add friends etc.

You can also flirt/hotlist or favourite members. It also has a “verified badge” next to some profiles, these are the most trustworthy, legitimate members.

Unlike AFF, Friend-X lets you access profiles without any payments. Of course this access is limited but you still get the person’s age, location, sexuality, drug habits, body type, height, kinks, compatibility and about a hundred different things.

It also has testimonials that are like reviews and help you judge a person better. If you opt for a paid plan, they start at $0.67/day.

20. Feeld

Website: https://feeld.co/

Feeld is a site like AdultFriendFinder in the sense that it has a very open-minded community. It’s not me, but an official statement saying it’s for “open-minded” people and does support hookups/short-term commitments among other things. It offers you over 20 genders and sexuality options to choose from! It also has group chats and a “partner” system that makes it more like AFF than other one-on-one dating alternatives.

You can ping or like people. You can also check who pinged/liked you. 

Both male/female or any other gender can initiate conversations. The only requirement is both the sides must “match” first.

It also has “private albums” just like AFF that can be accessed only if you want to share them. There’s an “incognito” mode as well that keeps your profile hidden unless you like someone. 

Profiles are pretty detailed and do give you enough information and a big picture so you know who you’re tapping on. 

On the downside, it’s only available as an app. You can’t access it in a browser. But then, given its very open-minded community I’d say that’s a decent tradeoff isn’t it?

Closing Comments

There you have a list of the 12 best sites like Adult Friend Finder.

Adult Friend Finder is one of the largest adult-oriented hookup platforms on the internet, but it is not for everyone. It is primarily for people who are more into short-term relationships and local hookups. It is not the right place to find people with long-lasting commitments. But the platform is filled with fake profiles and lacks basic security protocols.

Finding an alternative to AFF is not difficult. The internet is filled with online dating services, but only a few are worth considering. Therefore, to help you in that, we decided to make a list of online platforms that are good enough to be used as Adult Friend Finder alternatives.

With that said, here I am signing off. I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions regarding anything that we publish on this website, feel free to share with us using the comment section. We will try to answer all your queries ASAP.

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