Best Sites Like Bedpage In 2024

Here are the sites like Bedpage 2024. They’re similar to Bedpage in the sense that they let you find either people for specific purposes, or products.

You may use Bedpage as a hookup site, or a classified ad site, this list will offer you alternatives to Bedpage from both the perspectives.

The first three options on this list offer you sites which help you find people, all kinds of people. They may be sexual partners, romantic partners, short-term hookups, long-term and marriage-oriented individuals and everyone else.

The last 3 options here are sites like Bedpage offering “classified ads” for products & services.

Let’s get started then?

Which is the best Bedpage alternative?

I’ve tried to make this piece very detailed and informative.

However, it’s possible that you really don’t care. All you need is the best replacement for Bedpage and nothing more.

If that’s the case, let me save you some time. If you’re looking for romantic/sexual partners, Ashley Madison is the best option for you.

If you need more “commercial” listings, as in for different products and services, Craigslist is the leader.

Although, I’d recommend reading through the fine-print, it wouldn’t be a waste of your time, that’s a promise. Here’s everything I’m covering in this piece:

1. Ashley Madison


If you’re looking for free hookup sites like Bedpage, Ashley Madison is without doubt a clear winner.

It’s a website that’s created primarily for “extra-martial affairs”. Which means, you may be engaged, married or committed and the other person here wouldn’t care. All  they need is a connection regardless of your current relationship status.

Do not mistake it to be “exclusively” for married/engaged individuals. A massive fraction of its 80 million+ users are single.

It also has the most professional interface out of all the other sites on this list.

Ashley Madison interface

It’s very cautious of your identity and privacy. In fact, it urges you to not reveal your real name as far as possible. It even has in-built tools that hide your identity on your photos.

Any payments to Ashley Madison are hidden on your credit card as well!

While registration is mandatory, it’s 100% free. It has a very advanced instant messenger you can use to talk to anyone you’re interested in. The site is 100% free for women while men pay for some features.

You can even filter for the personals you want using age, distance, availability of photos etc.

And yes it offers you two albums. The public album, and the private album. You choose who gets access to the private album. You can always check who viewed your profile as well.

Well, sign up at Ashley Madison, it’s free both for men and women (or transgenders as well). Browse through the profiles (yes, you get 100% profile access for free) and then only decide on payment if you find someone who catches your eye.

2. VictoriaMilan


VictoriaMilan is a site that’s almost identical to Ashley Madison in terms of its core-values and what it offers. Yes, it too is a alternative to Bedpage if you’re searching for a partner. You may need a romantic partner, a sexual partner, or even someone for the long-term. VM has it all.

Alike Ashley Madison, VictoriaMilan too primarily helps married or engaged individuals find new partners. Obviously, it welcomes singles too.

The interface here is pretty unique and impressive. You can “like” people which notifies them of your activity.

VictoriaMilan Interface

You can also always check who viewed you. Every profile you visit too is stored in your history if you wish to revisit in the future.

Obviously an instant messenger is available and lets you connect to people in seconds. It also has “verified” profiles. You can get SMS Verified and/or photo verified. Once verified, you get a blue tick that increases your chances of finding a partner.

Searches can be filtered for location, age-range, height, weight, drinking habits, sex drive, relationship status, triggers, diet and so much more.

You can sign up at Victoria Milan absolutely free. Payment is only required for certain features, such as sending messages.

3. AdultFriendFinder


AdultFriendFinder has always made it to lists of Bedpage like sites IF you’re looking for sex or hookups. Officially, it’s an adult social network. You can find your one-night stands or partner for life.

However, unofficially, and in my personal experience, it’s primarily sex driven. Every profile on the platform is wearing one less cloth than you’d expect.

It has a social feed, capabilities to send gifts/tips to people, and most other social media features. The profiles on AFF are extremely detailed, unfortunately, only paid members get access to view profiles.

It’s also the only site on this list that has live video broadcasts, yes, they’re exactly what you think they’re like, mostly nude.

It too offers privacy features for your photos, masks, edits etc.

One of AFF’s best features is its verified profiles. You can get two separate verifications. One is the photo verification and the other is a “confirmed” badge. Both of these help you find legitimate profiles with ease.

It does have more filters than most other websites similar to Bedpage. These include filters for religion, sex orientation, hair colour, breast size,  age, location etc.

So yes, if you’re looking for partners with mostly “sex” in mind, AFF got you covered.

4. Craigslist


Craigslist is without doubt “the” best website like Bedpage for more than one reasons.

For starters, Craigslist was founded in 1995. In fact, almost every other site, including or is actually built on the same model as Craigslist.

The “model” obviously is “posting ads for buying/selling of products & services” in the simplest possible ways.

Craigslist currently is available pretty much everywhere, including USA/ Canada/ Europe/ Asia/ Pacific/ Middle East/ Oceania/ Latin America and Africa.

The available product categories include books, art, jewellery, gems,  collectibles, musical instruments, real estate, vehicles, home & garden and pretty much everything else. There’s almost nothing that you can’t find on Craigslist.

Craigslist Interface


Craigslist too doesn’t require you to register to view or interact with ads. In fact, it even lets you post ads without registration.

As for the user-interface, “simplicity” has always been its guiding principal. You first select your country, then a state. Once you get to the state page, you get all the available listings at the centre.

The left-sidebar is used to display important links such as FAQ, privacy policy, T&C etc. The right-sidebar is used to display locations near the location you’ve currently selected.

Craigslist is pretty old and its experience shows. When posting ads, you can select tiny details about the deal.

E.g. you may select if you’re okay with Cryptocurrencies, the status of possible deliveries, the ability to show/hide your number etc. You can also indicate if you’re okay with phone calls and/or just SMS.

Craigslist Dashboard

You can also show/hide your address depending on your preference.

The average cost of posting an ad on Craigslist is $5.00 for most categories and locations. Although, a few exceptions do exist to this rule.

Craigslist also offers this unique, narrow and category-specific search filters. E.g. in the “housing” category, it lets me filter for min-max prices, no. of bedrooms, sqft., laudry, parking and a lot more.


In fact, even Bedpage doesn’t include these filters which further backs my claim of Craigslist being better than Bedpage.

5. Oodle


Oodle is another classified ad site like Bedpage. It features an easy to use UI and pages like Bedpage. At the very top, you’ll get links to browse different categories, make your own posts or sign in.

Below that there’s a search-bar spread across most of the screen. You can enter your keywords here directly to search for listings.

The left-sidebar is mostly for product-categories. Talking of that, Oodle too has a listing for nearly everything, including, but not limited to vehicles, rentals, jobs, pets, personals (obviously), merch etc.

Oodle Interface

As far as geographic availability goes, Oodle is available everywhere.

Oodle also shows some info about the person posting the ad. It generally includes the person’s Oodle joining date and no. of active listings.

Again, browsing or interacting with ads doesn’t require signing up, posting ads does. The slight problem here is, you must own and connect an active Facebook account with Oodle to post ads!

The brighter side is that posting ads at is completely free! You still are limited to X no. of posts /day. The exact number of posts depends on the category you wish to post in.

Obviously, the normal listing-restrictions apply. You can not post content that’s illegal or violates any personal boundaries.

6. Hoobly


Once you arrive at Hoobly, you’ll see a list of available countries and a few categories just below that. It uses a button-based UI. Meaning, once you click on a category, sub-categories for that category are shown.

Hoobly Interface

I’ll say that does keep the UI cleaner and simpler. It does look less crowded than Bedpage, Craigslist or Oodle, doesn’t it?

The primary categories available for now are Electronics, equipment, Jewellery, real estate, vehicles, clothing, art, books etc.

On Hoobly, the price of items is mentioned just as numbers. E.g. 470, 1000, 239 etc. There are no currency signs or indicators except that these are in green. You do get a currency sign and more details when you click on and arrive on individual listing pages though.

Again, registration is only required for those posting an ad. Also, Hooby doesn’t use passwords. It sends a one-time code each time you try to login.

Hoobly does let you post ads completely free in all categories. However, you can optionally pay for “premium ads”. These appear above regular listings, have a green background and increase your chances of sale.

Premium ads for a day cost $45.57! Also, payments can only be made using Bitcoin Cash.

7. Adult Search 


The tagline says -find escorts, strip clubs, sex shops. That’s one reason why it’s listed here. Another reason that makes it a Bedpage alternative is its interface. It’s a classified ad site just like Bedpage.

The site functions worldwide. Simply select a country or specific region and you’ll find the listings. You do not need to register to access the site or its listings. 

The 4 primary services it offers are female escorts, shemale escorts, body rubs, and M4M (male for male)escorts. 

Anyone can post a listing. It only needs them to be 21 years old and follow some other rules (no scamming, illegal offers etc). The price for a listing is $19.99/month for most categories. 

The profiles are pretty detailed as well. They generally have a location, fetish, incall/outcall rates, contact number etc. 

Pictures can often be found as well. What’s impressive is some listings are “verified” which means the photos really are of the person and not stolen from the internet. 

8. Adult Look


No, it’s not the same website as Adult Search although they do merge on the fact that they’re both sites like Bedpage.

Adult Look too is an adult classified ads site. You can start by choosing a country, and then a region. I love its UI for one simple fact. When you click a country, a list of states appears. However, each state also shows you how many listings are available in the state. This means you can easily find a state with more options at a glance rather than having to click on various states only to find they don’t have quality listings.

Adult Look has its problems as well. You can only see the profile pictures without signing up. To access details, you must sign up. However, its 211,999 members do ensure your signup won’t be wasted and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for. It also has reviews which makes it better than most other sites on this list as it lowers chances of catfishers and scammers.

What Bedpage and its alternatives are not?

Bedpage is often used as an escorts/personals website. That’s fine. However, it’s a misconception that this is all Bedpage offers.

It actually is just like a garage sale. You can find listings just about anything here. These may include sale of used clothes, to luxury cars!

In fact, it has nearly a hundred categories of “products” and just a few categories for these adult/escort/personals listings.

The same applies to all the other sites that are similar to Bedpage.

Is Bedpage illegal?

No, Bedpage is 100% legal.

A lot of folks have this question because Bedpage is almost the exact same thing as the now-seized site,

However, Bedpage is just a website which lets people post ads and buy/sell products.

Sure, illegal listings exist. E.g. someone may have put up an ad selling a gun. But that doesn’t make Bedpage illegal. Even if you view the listing, you’re not committing a crime.

The only crime here (if any) is being committed by the person who posted the ad. The same is true for any other social media or public platform.

We did an entire piece on the legality of if you’re interested.

How to spot fake listings on these websites like Bedpage?

It’s obvious why sites like Bedpage may have fake listings, scammers and catfishers, isn’t it?

They’re mostly free, easy to sign up, and there’s little to no moderation (except on the best of these sites).

So, here are a few points that will help you spot fake listings or user profiles easily:

  • Verified/confirmed profiles: This is one of the easiest ways to find comparatively more legitimate profiles. If the site you’re on offers “verified/confirmed” profiles, always prioritize those.
  • Pricing: This mostly applies to products, however, even if you’re searching for escorts/partners there may be a price attached to it. In that case, if you see massively discounted prices that’s probably a fake listing.
  • Photo authenticity: This applies both to user profiles, as well as products. If the used photos are stock, or celebrities or just downloaded from the internet just hit next.
  • Cryptic mode of communications: Often these listings will only allow a weird app to get in touch. No direct numbers or other traceable forms of contacts are mentioned. These too are a “stay away” sign. The required app may be a malware itself or it’s being used so the identity of the ad-creator can be kept hidden.
  • Advance payment requirements: Any listing that forces you for an advance payment is fake.
  • Gut feeling: I know, I’m being philosophical. But often your brain can spot fake listings way before you can. If something doesn’t feel right about an ad, stay away.

How to access Bedpage alternatives if they aren’t working?

Bedpage and its alternatives are  censored at times. This is primarily because a lot of governments feel these facilitate sex trafficking or just “immoral behaviour” by their definition.

While nothing has been proven against Bedpage or its competitors, it doesn’t stop the govt. and ISPs from policing these sites.

As a result, you may not be able to access some of these sites even though they’re officially offered at your location from the website’s end.

To access these sites, all you need is a VPN.

The VPN will give you a new IP address. This will lift any and all restrictions and let you access these sites.

What to do if you spot an illegal listing/scammer ?

Doesn’t matter if you’re on a people-site like Ashley Madison, or a commercial one like Craigslist, illegal listings and scammers exist everywhere.

You could always ignore them. Or, you could report these.

On most Bedpage-like sites, e.g. Craigslist, you’d find a “law/report human trafficking/ scams/ fraud” or other similar option.


Simply click on those links and follow the process mentioned there.

On people-sites, you can just “report profiles”. Although, this probably wouldn’t do much. But then, creating a fake profile is also way less serious than peddling illegal porn or human trafficking, isn’t it?


This article only lists the websites similar to Bedpage. We are not claiming these sites to be 100% legit. The same goes for the listings and users on these websites.

Any purchase, connection, interaction with the other party is 100% your own responsibility. It may be a scam or a catfishing attempt.

We can not be held liable for any losses incurred to you.

Signing off- Best sites like Bedpage

So these were the best replacements for Bedpage as of 2024. I do hope this piece helped you out.

Just be careful with what you find on these sites. I’ve personally seen at least 20-30% fake profiles and listings on average, across all of these.

Be extra cautious with your financials and personal information (location/contact number etc.).

If this piece did help, would you mind hitting the share button? Your friends will thank you for sharing these sites like Bedpage.

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