6 Best Apps like Grindr (+ Sites)

Nearly a dozen apps like Grindr (and websites) are what you’ll get on this article. Every single Grindr alternative on this list is made either for Gays, bi, trans, or just the entire queer community in general.

Some of you may be searching for “apps” specifically, while others may need sites like Grindr, right? This list contains both.

I’ve also paid special attention to the privacy/security aspect and mentioned those specifically when possible for each of these options.

Hey, let’s get you someone to spend some time with?

Best apps like Grindr

These made it to this list based on user-base, features and overall usability.

  • Ashley Madison
  • Scruff
  • Jack’D
  • Hornet
  • Her
  • Taimi
  • GayCupid
  • GaysTryst
  • GayFriendFinder
  • MenNation
  • Out Personals
  • Hinge

1. Ashley Madison

Website: https://www.ashleymadison.com/

Ashley Madison is on top of this list containing the best apps like Grindr, and that’s for a reason. It’s the most discreet, private and member-rich dating solution.

With over 60 million registered members, it’s much better than Grindr even when we just talk “numbers”.

Even though its primary purpose is “married dating”, its certainly open to and used by millions of gay individuals.

In fact, according to a survey, over 23% of the surveyed users were using Ashley Madison in the UK alone!

You can just select either “male seeking males” or “female seeking female” during signup and you’re all set!

Because of the whole “married dating” thing, its privacy is just unmatched. How many other sites like Grindr do you know which offer “self-destructing” messages? Well yes, Ashley Madison does.

Don’t wish to make your photos public? Well, on Ashley Madison, you can add “masks” to your photos (really  cool masks) or even blur out portions of your photo. This is in-built! 0 skills or additional tools required.

You’d also love its matching algorithm! You just have to sign up. The A.I automatically shows you the best matches in an instant.

As far as profile data goes, you get access to profile photos, body features, interests & desires absolutely free.

In case the user has made his/her photos private (yes, you can do that too!) you can “request access”. You can even “wink” at people and add them to your favourite list absolutely free.

You can see who “viewed you”, send “priority messages” (always on top), or if need be, even permanently delete your account!

Are you a women? Ashley Madison is 100% free for women. You can literally do anything for free!

Considering how it’s arguably the most professional, feature-rich and privacy-respecting Grindr alternative, its $17.93 subscription plan doesn’t really seem expensive, does it?

You can either use Ashley Madison on your computer (website), or download its native apps. It’s also one of the best straight apps like Grindr and isn’t just limited to the queer community.

App download links: iOS, Android

2. Scruff

Website: https://www.scruff.com/

Scruff can be found on most lists out there when it comes to apps similar to Grindr. Its 20 million+ user-base is a major reason for that.

It also boasts itself on its “no bots” guarantee. Its matching algorithm is pretty impressive as well. It “learns” as you select or reject members. Obviously a more generic list of a number of potential matches too is available.

Its “Venture” feature lets you find partners for your travel destinations. The travel itinerary can be published on the profile so it’s visible and accessible to the other members.

One of its unique feature is “events”. It’s still hard to find events hosted for or by the LGBTQ community, isn’t it?  Well, the events feature on Scruff shows you a list of LGBTQ events available events around you.

It also has a “stealth” feature. This allows you to browse anonymously making sure users don’t see you unless you want them to. Albums can be marked “private” and can be shared at will.

The chat feature is pretty advanced and you can also share media such as photos and videos. Moreover, you can send “disappearing media” which permanently deletes  the sent photo/video once it’s sent. Screenshots can’t be captured for disappearing media either!

Finally, the search-filters do not disappoint either.  It has this unique “intersect” feature which allows combining multiple filters for better results.

As a free member, you can search location, gender, gender preference of the searched user, and profile name. As a paid member, you can search based on online status, photo availability, physical features (height/weight/body hair etc.), sexual preferences etc.

Note that the “intersect” mentioned above is only available to paid members.

App download links: iOS, Android.

3. Jack’D

Website: https://www.jackd.com/

With over 5million members and members from 180+ countries, it’s clear how and why it’s one of the best sites like Grindr, isn’t it?

The goal has been publicly mentioned as “bringing together a diverse world of LGBTQ+ members to connect…”. Well yes, totally a Grindr alternative, right?

I love its multiple profile photos feature. Hey, just one photo can be misleading, right? It allows uploading and access to up to 5 profile photos for each profile.

Its “swipe” feature for matches is already popular and known to most of you, isn’t it? The anonymous browsing isn’t missing either. So yes, you can use the platform while keeping yourself invisible.

It does have a feature which tells you who viewed you. This obviously is only if the other person hasn’t turned on anonymous browsing.

Another aspect I liked about Jack’D is its “activity insight”. Each profile will tell you their average response time. This helps you avoid late or slow repliers right away.

While it’s largely free, paying does unlock more features. For starters, blocking more members, download images, 4x more match stacks etc.

Now, even the free plan shows you your 2 most recent mutual matches. However, paying unlocks up to 1000 of the most recent mutual matches.

Note that Jack’D was recently acquired by Scruff. This results in a few feature overlaps between the two. E.g. the “intersect” feature on Scruff is also available with Jack’D.

The search filters include relationship status, physical traits, sex preferences etc. There’s also this feature to “un-send” messages. Disappearing messages too are available.

Even as a free member, you get access to 20 photos as long as they’re shared with you. Paid members have no viewing limits.

4. Hornet

Website: https://hornet.com/

It says “Gay Social Network” on its tagline and boasts over 30 million registered users. It’s also a “by gays for gays” platform. These are the three primary reasons why it may be one of the best apps like Grindr, isn’t it?

What’s unique is its “feed”. You can follow users and react to their posts. Your own posts too can be created and spiced up with videos.

There’s also an “explore” feature which lets you explore the platform and find matches.  It even features hashtag. Users can even post stories much like Instagram. In fact, you’d find that the “likes” and “comments” system is almost a direct mirror of Instagram as well. So yes, the social element is pretty solid.

One of its most unique features? It lets you assume the role of a matchmaker, as in, you can forward profiles to friends!

You may or may not find your gay partner on Hornet, but, it sure makes the process fun. I say that because it has an “awards” system. You posts can be awarded by viewers, and these awards can then be encashed for money or on-site benefits.

While there’s no direct “verification” feature, it does use a “Hornet” badge. It’s awarded after users have spent some time on the platform and performed certain tasks.

Practically speaking? It’s not worth much (almost every profile has it) and yet it may be used as a signal of authentic/serious profiles.

5. Her

Website: https://weareher.com/

Lesbian dating app. That’s the simplest definition for Her. This also is the reason why it’s slightly different from the other apps similar to Grindr. It’s even made by queer women.

It sees over 350,000 weekly active members which is one of the most impressive as far as this list goes.

The fact that you can only login via Facebook or Instagram does limit fake profiles to an extent.

You’d see the Tinder-like swipe interface here. Messages can be sent either to friends, or mutual matches. This also means you can send messages to anyone even if you’re a free user if they accept your friend-request.

Now for the restrictions. You can’t see who “liked you” without paying. Similarly, detailed profiles too aren’t shown to free users. Paid members can also rewind profiles in case they wrong-swiped someone. Read receipts too are available if you pay.

It too has a “feed” which shows posts from other users. Like/comments are possible on these posts.

And finally, its events feature shows you lesbian events happening around you!

App download links: iOSAndroid

6. Taimi

Website: https://taimi.com/

Taimi is another one of the apps like Grindr, however, it claims to be the “World’s Largest LGBTQ + Platform”. The user-base currently stands at around 6,000,000 registered members.

Note that you can’t use it on the website, only the apps can be used to create profile and find matches.

Either way, it has a very strong “social media” flavour. Users can make new posts and react to posts from others. Real-time chat too is available. Even groups can be created. Video chats too are possible.

It offers full and detailed access to profiles as well as photos. Chatting with your matches is free as well. You can also chat with people without matching by sending them a request. This is a paid feature.

There’s also a “rainbow like” feature. It basically increases your exposure and hence the possibility of matches. You can also search for non-local users using its spot search feature. Both of these features require paid memberships.

The “rollback” feature lets you bring back a profile (for a price) you may have swiped off by mistake. The “stealth mode” makes you invisible. People won’t be able to search for your profile manually.

As far as search filters go, distance-range, age,  and “looking for” filters are completely free. Paid members get access to filters like “body type” and closer distance-range (free members can’t search for members closer than 51miles).

App download links: iOS, Android

7. GayCupid

Website: https://www.gaycupid.com/

GayCupid has around 30,000 registered gay users for now. What I loved on the site is that you can message other paid members even if you’re a free user!

Once you’re logged in, you can search for users based on age, country, state, city, and also a “distance-range”.

Browsing profiles is completely free. Additionally, it’ll show you matches near you without you having to enter a location manually.

It also shows you a number of free matches. These are users you may be interested in. On the flip side, there are features like “mutual matches” (both you and the other person match to each other) and “reverse matches” which are only displayed if you pay.

As far as being active goes, I did find 100 or so members online at any given time. While this is not a lot, it sure is not a disappointing number.

Paid members also have the ability to “hide” their profiles and browse with full anonymity.

There’s also this unique “translate” feature for paid members. This allows translating messages from other languages to languages you understand.

Obviously paying also has other benefits, for starters you get more exposure as your profile is highlighted. You also get double profile space in the search results. Ads too are gone.

Payments can be made with Cards or Skrill. The plans start at less than $9.00/month (may slightly vary depending on your local currency).

8. GaysTryst

Website: https://www.gaystryst.com/

I assume you’ve already heard of Tryst? It’s mentioned in my piece on the best MegaPersonals alternatives. Well, it’s a dating site if you need a simple answer.

Now, GaysTryst is a dating site but for gay folks (obviously). Do note that there may or may not be any official affiliation between Tryst and GaysTryst. However, it without doubt is one of the best websites like Grindr (you’ll soon see why).

For starters, you can signup for free and start browsing profiles right away. Yes, that’s completely free. What you may not like? Profile photos can only be enlarged by paid members.

Now, the profiles are pretty detailed. You’ll get information on body tattoos, hair colour, piercings, body type and other details.

The “looking for” (what they’re interested in)  information about the profiles you view however is only shown to paid members.

You can’t chat with other members without paying either. The feature to “like” and “add to favorites” however is available to everyone.

What you’d like is that the “like gallery” is free for everyone. You can see who liked you and vice-versa.

Now, it’s exclusive for gay men. Meaning, you can’t search for females even if you wanted to.

As for the search-filters, age/ body features, location and photo availability can be chosen from.

In order to talk to people or to get yourself more visitors, you can opt for one of its paid plans. The cheapest plan term is 1month, however ,the 12-month plan is the cheapest and starts at around $2.46/month.

Let me keep this piece unbiased and honest? There have been more than a few complaints against GaysTryst in regards to bots/fake profiles and also hard cancellation policies.

However, in my personal experience, I haven’t faced any of that so far.

9. GayFriendFinder

Website: https://gayfriendfinder.com/

What you’ll like about  this is that this Grindr alternative doesn’t need registrations! I mean sure most interactions and features are only possible after registering for a free account.

However, just to test the waters, you can simply enter an age-range and a location. The site then shows hundreds of profiles. If you think it has the potential to make you happy, only then should you register.

Moreover, you can either search for individuals, or a couple/group.

It’s without doubt a gay dating site which is clear from its gay-exclusive search-filters. You can either search for gay or bi sexual individuals. No straight options available.

Body type, hair length, smoking/drinking habits, martial status, children, education, religion are just some of the other available search filters. Unfortunately, these advanced search filters are only available to the paid users.

As of today, GayFriendFinder has over 49000+ registered members.  While a “verified members” filter is available, I couldn’t find a single verified profile on the platform. (Hey, I’m just keeping it real).

There’s this interesting “Hot or Not” game. It’s available to everyone (including free members). You’re shown profile photos. You can either select “hot” or “not hot” for each photo.

The social aspect is pretty strong here. You can add blog posts, become a friend, manage a hotlist (from the game mentioned earlier), become a fan etc.

One month or 3month paid plans available. The usual more visibility, more features are the benefits of paying for a membership. The cheapest plan costs around $13.36/month.

What I didn’t like is that even on the paid plans, free members can’t contact you. You’ve to purchase additional “enhancers” in order for that to be possible.

10. MenNation

Website: https://mennation.com/

If you’ve used Adult Friend Finder (it’s one of the best married dating sites), you’d find the interface almost identical to MenNation.

You can add people, hotlist them, send gifts,  check who viewed you and basically have a very social experience here.

As the name suggests, it’s obviously made for “men” and by that I primarily mean gay men.

Registrations are mandatory. As soon as you signup, you can check “new matches” or members near you.

Expect a lot of nudes and private photos, those seem to be the favourite profile pictures here.

A major problem is, you can’t even view profiles without subscribing. In fact, 99% of the platform is locked behind a popup which demands paid subscriptions.

The profiles, if and when you can access, are pretty detailed. On most verified profiles, you can find over a few hundred photos as well as videos. It almost becomes so revealing that I can categorize it as porn without being wrong.

On the brighter side, “verified profiles” are available. A number of other badges are also assigned. These help find legitimate profiles.

As far as search-filters go, you can search for online/confirmed/verified/gold/VIP/highlighted  members, age, distance, and their  preference of partner’s sexual orientation (man/couple).

11. Out Personals

Website: https://outpersonals.com/

Out Personals claims of having over 300,000+ registered members. Again, the interface is exactly like that of Adult Friend Finder or MenNation.

Note that this doesn’t mean they’re the same sites. This only means they’re using the same template/ web-dev company.

Anyway, Out Personals is totally one of the top sites like Grindr. Why so? When you register, you can choose who you’re looking for. The options are limited to man/gay/bi and trans.

This tells us it’s exclusively dedicated to the LGBTQ community, doesn’t it? Again, people can make “posts”, others can comment on those posts, add friends and be social.

The nudity still exists though. Although, you can turn it off to some extent using a few options in your profile.

While you can’t access profiles without payments, hovering over profiles does show a popup. This popup shows you the age, location, and a short bio for the user.

Live broadcasts are available, but only to paid members.  The usual filters are available which include age, distance, verification status, sexual preferences etc.

There’s this unique feature which allows sharing of private albums. Others can be invited to view the photos and this invitation only lasts 72 hours.

You can either upgrade your membership in general, or, buy “points” to send gifts and interact with others. Memberships are cheapest when bought for 3 months, priced at $16.70/month.

12. Hinge

Website: https://hinge.co/

Hinge is not just one of the best apps like Grindr for straight people, but in many ways it’s one of the few apps better than Grindr itself!

The profiles on Hinge are detailed, like, really detailed. Its Facebook integration is pretty impressive as well. This lets you directly find mutual Facebook friends on Hinge, and even import Facebook photos.

Hinge also allows making new posts.  The ability to comment and tag users isn’t missing either. The search filters include height, body type, education, age etc. It’s all available for free.

The most unique feature is this thing called “connect in real-time”. Imagine you’re sitting in a cafe, or are in a concert. This feature instantly lets you find other members using Hinge.

As mentioned earlier, Hinge isn’t just limited to people of the gay or LGBTQ community. It’s also used by straights.   As of 2019, Hinge had over 1.21 million members registered just in the United States.

App download links: iOS, Android

Wrapping up the best apps like Grindr

Throughout this piece, I’ve got you over 6 gay-exclusive apps like Grindr, at least 5 Grindr alternatives which are websites and 1 of the apps like grindr for straight people.

I believe that’s more than enough options regardless of who or what you’re looking for, don’t you agree?

Confused? Drop everything and go with Ashely Madison.

It has everything, for everyone. And the company makes sure you remain as anonymous and secure as possible.

If you exclusively need an “app” and are okay with not having access on computers, Scruff will make you happy.

As for the others, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. You won’t find your partner sitting around reading articles like this on apps like Grindr, go use what you’ve learnt?

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