17 Benefits of Having a Boyfriend

17 benefits of having a boyfriend. If you’re single and are confused if you even need a boyfriend, this piece should help you.

Do note that these benefits aren’t guaranteed. Sure, an ideal, perfect boyfriend should get you all these boyfriend benefits. But hey, it’s 2024 and we humans aren’t exactly a perfect bunch.

So, even if you get half of these partner benefits from your boyfriend you must’ve landed the jackpot.

Let’s get started?

17 benefits of having a boyfriend

So, let me convince you why having a boyfriend is not all that bad eh?

1. Someone to make you laugh

Did you know laughing actually increases your lifeline and helps relieve stress?

A boyfriend should hopefully make you laugh either occasionally or always, whatever works for you. Whether you’re sharing inside jokes, watching movies, playing games or just enjoying each other’s company,  laughter is generally included.

2. A true best friend

There are things you can not share with your best friends but you want to. That’s where a boyfriend comes in. Boyfriend in my opinion is just a bestfriend ultra pro max. Also, there’s no competition here while your bestfriends may feel competitive.

3. Someone to spoil you

Hey, who doesn’t like to be spoiled every once in awhile? A boyfriend is the perfect person to do it. The little things add so much to your life even if they simply buy you flowers or buy you the nice trendy clothes. it’s always nice to have someone who wants to make you feel special.

4. Great sex

Let’s be honest, one of the best parts of having a boyfriend is the fact that you get to have regular, great sex. Having a healthy and active sex life has more benefits than most of us comprehend. It is an important part of any relationship, and a boyfriend can definitely help to keep things interesting in the bedroom, or at other places if you’re feeling kinky.

5. Someone to cuddle with

Don’t you feel like time stops when you cuddle the right person? Cuddling is pretty awesome, isn’t it? Whether you’re snuggling on the couch or spooning in bed, this feeling of closeness is unbeatable.

6. Someone to watch romantic movies with

If you’re a sucker for romantic movies, then having a boyfriend is a must. He can be your personal movie buddy who will never judge you for crying your eyes out during The Fault in Our Stars (and maybe he’s secretly crying too)?

7. Someone to help with household chores

Gone are the days when the girlfriend/wife had to do everything around the house. Your boyfriend can also help you in the kitchen or just clean the house. Be sure to make this before you even make him your boyfriend that you aren’t the only person who will be keeping the house straight.

8. Mental, physical and emotional protection

From a feminist point of view, this could be pretty controversial. However, it’s true regardless of you being a girl or a boy. A “partner” protects you just out of love. In today’s world, it’s important to have someone who can protect you from the dangers that exist both online and offline. A good boyfriend will always be there to defend and support you, no matter what challenges come your way.

9. Someone who supports your dreams and goals

A good partner will always support your dreams and goals, even if they seem impossible at times. Your boyfriend should believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.

10. Increased Self-Confidence

Obviously if they love you they’ll be supportive which means they’ll help you boost your confidence, won’t they? (If they don’t, you probably need a new boyfriend).

11. Emotional Support

This goes without saying. The entire point of a boyfriend is “love” (hopefully) and love equates to emotions. Aside from everything else, in an ideal world, I believe a boyfriend should be able to provide you emotional support.

12. Financial Stability

If you’re two people in a relationship, you may share a joint account or at least help each other out in times of need. It may sound like gold-digging but it isn’t. You can always return the money when you want to/can or maybe your relationship is above money?

13. Fun Experiences Together

I could actually phrase this better. The right boyfriend can make every experience “fun”. It can be as simple as having dinner or cleaning dishes. It’s not the chore, it’s the “who you’re doing it with” that decides how you feel!

14. Loyalty & Commitment

Closing your eyes and being able to think of one person who thinks just of you is a priceless feeling. Remember, this is a two-way street and you must give to receive.

15. Shared hobbies

Hobbies are fun, they’re even better with a boyfriend. Imagine painting, now imagine painting with a boyfriend. You could even paint each other painting each other! Imagine cooking, now imagine cooking with a boyfriend. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

16. Lasting Memories

At the end, life is one long film, isn’t it? What is a moment if it’s not a moment to be remembered? A boyfriend can help with that! While it’s not practically possible to make each moment memorable, the ratio surely increases with a boyfriend.

17. New Perspective on Life

May sound strange but if you unlock this achievement you’ve got the perfect boyfriend. At times, life seems hard and/or confusing. A boyfriend can help you get a fresh perspective on things!

Final words- Benefits of having a boyfriend

So, those were just some of the benefits of having a boyfriend. Do note that this entire love affair shouldn’t be about “benefits” to begin with.

If you don’t automatically click with someone, without a single reason, the person probably isn’t the one for you.

However, if you do click with someone these benefits sure do come as an add-on, at least some of these.

I do hope your search brings you a lasting relationship and caring partner with all the benefits of having a boyfriend! Adieu.

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