7 Best Sites like Fuckbook

You’re looking for sites like Fuckbook? You just found them! This piece is explicitly written for you. Doesn’t matter what kind of a partners excite you, I promise you’ll find them here.

Considering how you’re not looking for casual dates or a marriage-partner, I’ve chosen these options accordingly. Most of these websites have users who’re there just for sex, or a short-term relationships, no strings attached.

Additionally, “privacy” is a big concern on these sites, isn’t it? I’ve highlighted the sites which offer special anonymity features whenever possible!

Let’s not waste time and get you someone to lower your calories with?

How I choose these best sites like Fuckbook?

So, Fuckbook is probably meant to say “Facebook, but for sex”. If you’ve ever used Fuckbook, you’d notice how it’s majorly dominated by very (very) revealing photos and its Facebook-like social media aspects.

You can create a blogpost, post a status and even attach photos to your feed posts. You can vote someone’s photo “hot” (similar to liking) and write comments on their posts.

Keeping that in mind, I’ve included Fuckbook alternatives here which offer similar, if not identical features. So, the best sites like Fuckbook in 2024 are:

Best Sites like Fuckbook in 2024

  • Ashley Madison – Best because 100% anonymous/secret, 60M+ users
  • AdultFriendFinder– Big database/social media feature
  • Alt – Users who like and love BDSM
  • RedHotPie- Exclusively for sex!
  • SwingLifeStyle- Primarily for sex!
  • TSdates- Transgender users.
  • Dirty R4R- Free Reddit community.

If you’re in a hurry, I’d say go with Ashley Madison. It has everything all other options on this list have, and then some! If you’ve got time though, I’d appreciate you spending some time here to find your perfect match.

1. Ashley Madison

Website: https://www.ashleymadison.com/

Ashley Madison just deserves to be on top of this best sites like Fuckbook list, period.

It’s literally the oldest discreet dating site on the planet! With a user base consisting of over 60 MILLION users, you’d never run out options!

Moreover, Ashley Madison was primarily intended for extra-martial affairs. This offers two major benefits. First, people there do not judge you even if you’re in a relationship of any kind.

Second, Ashley Madison takes massive care of your anonymity and privacy! No one finds out you use Ashley Madison unless you want them to!  Even the mobile dating app icon is vague and renamed to something else by default for privacy!

Ashley Madison lets you instant-chat with users and then self-destructs all messages at a late time! Afraid of uploading photos? You can create a “private” album! You can select who gets and doesn’t get access to this album!

Even your profile photos are kept secret! It has in-built tools which let you add masks/blur the photos!

As far as the interface goes, it’s without doubt THE BEST of all the other sites like Fuckbook I’ve listed on this page. It even has a “quick reply” feature which lets you shift through hundreds of messages in minutes!

You do not even have to search for partners. You simply login and its algorithm finds the best matches for you. You get complete access to the profile, photos (public album), age, location, physical features, interests etc.

Wish to search for people on your own? That’s totally possible! You can enter an age-range, relationship status, membership age, and even private/public photo availability.

It even allows selecting a “purpose” so you only get users interested in those things. Languages and body type filters aren’t missing either.

You can sign up for just $0.00! Well yes, registrations are absolutely free! If you’re a women, you get access to every single feature, forever, for free!

Even men get a lot of features without having to pay a penny! Interested in someone? You can wink at them or “heart” them! This lets them know of your interest and you may just get lucky!

Even men don’t have to pay “repeatedly” for messaging other users! You get to talk to people forever, for free with features like “Message Plus”.

You can always check your “viewed me” list to find those who came to your profile. Reaching out to them is a good way to get started. Do you travel frequently? Ashley Madison has a special feature for you! It’s called “Travelling Man”, this will let you find a partner at your destination! Why should a business trip be all “business”, eh?

As far as finding partners goes, it has special features which let you boost your profile for as less than 50cents/day! You appear in more searches, get your profile highlighted and basically get more attention.

Because of its massive user-base, it doesn’t matter who you’re into. You may be looking for  Bi, Gay, Trans, and maybe even alien partners and still stand a chance to find someone on the platform.

2. Adult Friend Finder

Website: https://adultfriendfinder.com/

This is one of the best Fuckbook replacements in terms of interface and primary goal.

For starters, it claims having 107,613,263+ registered members.  At any given time, I’ve seen over 50,000+ registered users online.  If you’re looking for people to fuck online, that’s a massive pool of choices to find the right partner, isn’t it?

The first big similarity between AFF and Fuckbook is their content. As soon as you login to AFF, you’d see hundreds of nudes. These will be both from males and females. If you’ve used Fuckbook, you’d agree that’s exactly what welcomes you there as well. So, there’s no doubt AFF is a similar site like Fuckbook, isn’t it?

The second similarity is that AFF too is a complete social network and not just a “matching platform”. Like Fuckbook, it too allows you to post text, photos, videos and even blogposts on your wall/feed.  Comments/likes are possible on these posts by other users.

There are multiple ways you can interact with other people. For starters, you can add them as friends. Sending instant messages is also possible.

You can “hotlist” users, you can also become their fan. Hotlisting is more like adding them to a favourites list, becoming a fan however requires “gifts” which can be sent using real money.

It’s also big on photos and videos. Live broadcasts are an integral part of AFF. You’ll find hundreds and sometimes thousands of users broadcasting live and I’m pretty sure you can guess the content.

It does record and save a list of users who  viewed you. This makes it easy to find people worth connecting with. There are other tabs such as “Who’s online”/ members near me/ new matches etc. which also show a list of potential matches.

Wish to manually search for members? You can specify a gender  (couple/trans/group also available), age, location, profile verification level, online status, subscription package etc!

As far as profile information goes, it’s impressive. It has an advanced verification system and displays a “verified profile” on real profiles. Sending flirts and tips is free, adding friends, sending messages, or getting full access to the profile requires subscription.

Registration on Adult Friend Finder is absolutely free. However, most interactive features (viewing profiles/ sending messages/ liking or commenting on posts) are only available for paid subscribers. The cheapest plan goes for $14.95/month.

3. Alt

Website: https://alt.com/

When you sing up on Alt, you may mistake it to be the exact same platform as AdultFriendFinder. It’s not. It just looks identical and it may be a sister site under the same network.

I’ve verified that the user database and primary purpose on Alt is very different from AFF.

So, Alt is primarily a hookup site, for BDSM enthusiasts! If you’re looking for sex, it’s possible you’re also into BDSM and it’s not a very “openly accepted” topic, is it? Well, Alt helps you find other users into the same thing as you discreetly!

Most of Alt’s features are similar to AFF. Meaning, you can add friends, add them to your hotlists, send digital gifts by spending money to become fans, talk to them etc.

Obviously you can create posts as well. Likes / comments are possible and it also shows the number of “views” on the post publicly to each user.

Additionally live, sensual broadcasts are available too and free to join.  It even has over 115,995+ blogs and over half a million posts in those blogs! It also has “groups”, primarily based on kink interests. There’s another featured called “Member Magazine” which allows creating and participation in polls amongst other things.

However, it has these unique, non-AFF features called “kinks”. You can update your kinks in your profile, and search for users based on these kinks. This makes finding the people who’re exactly into the same things as you pretty easy.

Let me get you an idea of what kinks are available? Biting, cuckold, cupping, toys, domination, fisting, humiliation, pain, piercings, sadism, rubber and many others.

It has a “cupid preference” feature. You can set your preferences for body type, ethnicity, martial status, location, age etc. and then the algorithm shows you the best matches based on these preferences.

It does show you who viewed/hotlisted or gifted you. Hovering over any profile will tell you the age, location, interests etc. However, you can only fully view the profiles after subscribing to a plan.

The cheapest plan is available for $11.99/month.

4. RedHotPie

Website: https://redhotpie.com.au/

If you’re searching for sites like Fuckbook, you’re clearly looking for sex partners. Hey, nothing wrong with that!

Now, RedHotPie is a platform made exclusively and primarily for that purpose! In fact, it’s probably the site which most “unique” features on this entire list!

While signing up, you can select from a number of sexual desires, interests and intentions so you’re transparent and clear on your goals from day 1!

Didn’t I say “unique features” earlier? Well,, it has a built-in “Date Finder”. You enter a suitable date, who you’re looking for (male/female/couples/groups/trans etc.), age-range, “purpose/goal” etc. It then automatically shows other users who have selected the same date and goals as you.

It also has a “Travel profile” feature. You select a date, purpose of travel, location etc. It then shows matches who’re also travelling to the same destination on the same date as you!

The interface too is one of the cleanest and most impressive when it comes to Fuckbook replacements.

You can also use it as a social media! Write posts, comment/like posts made by others and get more attention.

Viewing profiles is completely free. Enlarging album photos is only possible if you also have photos on your profile! It also has a “common interests” feature, each profile highlights interests if there’s something common between you and the other user.

The A.I also understands “conflicting intentions”. So, if you’ve got “hookup” on your intention list (it’s set during registration), and the other person has something which is anti-hookup, while viewing the profile it’s highlighted in red!

Some profiles are also “validated” by other verified members. This tells you which profiles are fake and which are not.

The instant messaging is pretty advanced. You aren’t just limited to text-chats! Videos chats are possible as well.

Polls, “sex secrets”, and competitions are some other features which made me say it has “unique” features!

It also displays the people who viewed/likes/favourited or matched with you completely!

If you choose to pay, $8.97/month get you unlimited restricted to all the features!

5. SwingLifeStyle

Website: https://www.swinglifestyle.com/

With a tagline that says- “Start your sexual revolution”, I suppose it’s obvious that this qualifies as one of the sites like Fuckbook?

Another reason I’m listing this here is its user-base. You’d easily find at least 10,000+ Swingers (users here are called Swingers) online at any given moment.

Anyway, you’d know that it’s a hookup site right from the registration. You’ve to fill in a few somewhat personal and sexual questions.

The fact that every single profile is manually reviewed and approved makes it a pretty good community. You’d find fewer fake/spam or scam profiles.

On your dashboard, it has a “who viewed me” tab. This shows you all the users who landed on your profile.

Viewing profiles is free, however, is only possible after you complete your profile. Profiles have a unique interface, they tell you how the person looks, what features they want in their partner, their location, the partner age they’re looking for etc.

If you’re an outgoing person, you’d love SwingLifeStyle. It has a “club” tab, it lists a few hundred physical clubs and the information of events being hosted in them.

It also has “parties” you can go to and travel groups/plans you can join. In a nutshell, it allows you meeting a hoard of like-minded people at one place instead of just picking one.

As far as the website goes, it does have a “wall” you can post on. You can also add friends, posts from those friends appear on your wall as well much like on Fuckbook.  For now, only “visible to friends” posts are possible, however, it’s set to launch “for public” posts soon.

Instant messaging is a feature that’s available but only for paid users. Video chats are available and can be optionally enabled/disabled.

Profiles will give you the basic information about a person, in addition to his her sexual fantasias, real life experiences (mostly sexual), interest levels in various things etc. Manual search filters include age, location, interests, photo availability, last activity etc.

For some solo fun, you can even read the “Sex stories” which are published on the site.  If you’d like to get access to all the features, the plans start at $19.99/month.

6. TSdates

Website: https://tsdates.com/

TSdates stands for Transgender dates. Unfortunately, the world still isn’t open and welcoming to the transgender community. But hey, even they need sites like Fuckbook, they too have needs, don’t they?

You should totally skip this option if you’re straight! TSdates is primarily for non-straights.

You’d think because it’s aimed at non-straights, it wouldn’t have many members. Well, you think wrong! It has a user-base of over 107,626,786 members! That’s more than even some “for everyone” websites like Fuckbook.

Also, TSdates is a sister-site of Alt.com (and, probably AdultFriendFinder). As a result, there again is major resemblance in terms of features and user-interface.  Obviously the member-database differs.

You’d like the fact that as soon as you login, it shows you the “Who’s online” tab on your dashboard! You can find some of the most popular profiles here available to talk (and maybe more) right here.

As is expected, you can add people as friends, send them tips, send them gifts to become their fans and so on.

Obviously the “live broadcasts” are available as well. Watching and chatting with the models during the broadcast is free.

The social-media features are all there. You’re free to post status, photos, blog posts, like/comment on posts made by others etc.

You also get instant attention! As soon as you create your profile, you appear in the “new members” tab for others. If you do your profile right, you may start getting connections within minutes!

And yes, just like Fuckbook, it too is spammed to death with nude photos and videos from members. So obviously, it’s more for hookups than marriage and relationships.

While full profile access is a paid feature, you can still check the age, location, interests and bios by hovering over profiles.

The manual search-filters aren’t very impressive and yet allow filtering based on the age, location, active status etc.

Majority of the features are not available in the free plan! You’d have to go for one of the paid plans, which start at EUR 14.30/month!

7. Dirty Redditor for Redditor

Website: https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtyr4r/

This may surprise some of you! It’s not one of those other sites like Fuckbook! Why then is it on this list?  Well, primarily because it fulfils the exact same purpose as Fuckbook. It’s over 9 years old now as well!

Obviously it  wouldn’t be as feature rich as any of the options above. However, it does have over 516K members! Nearly 2000 members can be found online at any given moment as well.

It also has flairs for female, male, trans and couples. Now, it doesn’t have any IM features or profile verification. Probably, you’d also find a few golddiggers and catfishes.

However, if you need people who’d like to have a fling without any strings attached, you sure can find them here.

8. OneNightFriend 

Website: https://www.onenightfriend.com/

One Night Friend lets you find people interested in one night stands. It’s a signup-only platform and hence registration is mandatory.  No personal information is required though, all you need is an e-mail Id.

Once registered, it shows you tons of profiles to choose from. The profiles give us the age, a few photos, videos, what they’re looking for, hair colour, ethnicity etc.

It also has a “Tinder-like” interface that you can use if you want to. This lets you “heart” (like) or “X” (reject) profiles. 

You can also search for users using search filters. These include age, location, sexuality, ethnicity, body type, tattoos, eye colour, users with photos/videos etc. 

Uploading photos is optional but does increase exposure.

As soon as you login, you’d also immediately start receiving chat messages and notifications about people who’re online. These are probably bots and are used to lure you into becoming a paid user. This is why it’s been listed lower on this list. 

9. SeekingArrangement 

Website: https://www.seeking.com

SeekingArrangement is one of the most unique options on this list. That’s because it’s entirely based on the “Sugar” concept. You can either be a sugar provider (sugar daddy/mommy) or a receiver(sugar baby).

The only twist is, you either must be really beautiful or filthy rich. That’s the entire concept, isn’t it? Emotional attachments may be there but that’s not the primary purpose or what most people here are looking for. 

It does have all the search filters I generally need such as age, location, physical features, education etc. 

Profiles give you all the details you may need (even net worth). It even has “verified profiles” which massively reduces the number of scammers. This also means each profile is manually reviewed by the team (yes, even your photos) hence privacy isn’t their primary goal. But hey, you needed a Fuckbook alternative to fuck someone, and you get that here.

Final words- Which are the best sites like Fuckbook?

I’m pretty sure you have the answer by now. I’d recommend going with Ashley Madison for any and all dating purposes! Be it hookups, sex, long-term relationships or anything else.

Its anonymity and privacy features just can’t be beaten! Obviously the same goes for its 60M+ user-base.

If for whatever reasons, you need to go with something else; choose RedHotPie for pure sexual purposes and AdultFriendFinder if you need a big user-database with social media features.

So, these were the best sites like Fuckbook in 2024. I’d sign off now and let you go find your partner!

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