7 Sites Like YesMovies

Here are the best sites like Yesmovies 2024. They’ll let you stream movies & TV shows, in many cases allow downloads and offer tons of control when playing the video. 

I’ve even included a few direct clones of Yesmovies in case you need an identical alternative to Yesmovies. 

This list isn’t limited to Yesmovies.to similar websites. You’ll also find alternatives to Putlocker and many other similar platforms here. 

Let’s get started then?

Legal disclaimer

None of the websites listed here are illegal or are pushing pirated content to the best of our knowledge. However, we haven’t verified the legalities of the available content/website and the responsibility lies entirely with you (the readers of this article). We aren’t affiliated with any of the websites except Amazon Prime which we guarantee is a legal platform. 

Secure yourself + block ads + unblock websites before accessing these Yesmovies websites. 

You are at massive risk when visiting any site like Yesmovies.

For starters, you can never know which websites are legal/legitimate and which are pushing pirated content. Streaming pirated content is a serious crime. You need to ensure your identity/activities aren’t traceable back to you just in case. 

Secondly, many of these websites may push malware/viruses that infect your system and put you at a greater risk.

Third, almost always these websites have dozens of hidden ads. Each of your click will probably launch a new window or a popup. That’s not only frustrating but also eats up your system resources.

Fourth, many of these websites may be blocked by your local government, college, institute or other authorities. 

There are ways using which you can prevent any of that from happening. 

  1. Download NordVPN. (It’s the best VPN out there. In a single click, you get a new IP address. This new IP address hides your real identity/location/activities on the web. Even if you streamed illegal content unknowingly, no one can trace the activity back to you).
  2. NordVPN also has an in-built ad-blocker. This protects you from those hidden ads and new windows that you’d have to keep closing otherwise.
  3. The VPN also features a malware detection feature. This makes sure your system isn’t silently hacked/infected when all you seek is some entertainment. 
  4. Finally, the VPN ensures you can access any and all sites listed below even if they’ve been banned/restricted by your govt. (If the site doesn’t load or you get an error, it’s banned locally for you. All the websites listed here are verified by me and are working with a VPN).
  5. You should also shift to Brave browser instead of Google Chrome. Brave blocks all ads by default and doesn’t trace/track your activities like Chrome does. This step is optional. 

Let’s get you 

The 7 Best Sites Like YesMovies In 2024

1. Amazon Prime Video

Link: https://www.primevideo.com/

Amazon Prime

I doubt this one needs an introduction. I’m confident you’ve heard of Amazon Prime Video. It’s a video streaming platform that’s 100% legal and offers the highest possible qualities for all its videos.

It has one of the largest movie and TV show databases on the planet. There’s a very strong chance that you’ll find your movie/show of choice here regardless of how new/ancient it is.

Once you play a video, it also shows you recommendations. These help you find other content you may like easily.  It also remembers where you left off. Meaning, you can resume at a later time from exactly where you left off.

In fact, some of its content is also “Amazon Original”. Meaning, no other streaming platform will have access to the show/movie. 

Of course it’s compatible with nearly all your devices including phones, computers, smart TVs and others. There are no ads whatsoever, not hidden, not visible. 

One additional benefit you get with Prime Video is access to Amazon Prime. With it, you get free deliveries on all orders, faster deliveries, and access to promotions and sale events earlier than non-prime customers.

2. Vumoo

Link: https://vumoo.to/

Sites like 123movies Vumoo

After Amazon Prime Video, Vumoo has the second-best interface on this entire list. There’s a large slider on the homepage that keeps rolling a few slides showcasing a few movies.

Below that is a list of about 2 dozen movies and TV Shows, their thumbnails to be specific. Yes, no “information”  is included it’s just the thumbnails.

When you’re streaming shows, a full list of episodes is displayed. You can switch between episodes in a single click.

Unfortunately, only a single server is available in most cases. This may be an issue if you’d like different streaming speeds, video player options or just a backup server in case the primary didn’t work.

Yes, hidden ads exist as well even though only a few. The video player does have a caption option, no download or quality-control is possible. 

3. Yesmovies.ag

Website: https://ww.yesmovies.ag/

YesMovies alternatives

Yes, this is a Yesmovies alternative that just makes the fact absolutely and undoubtedly clear, doesn’t it?

The homepage here is pretty basic. There’s a big search-bar and no content just yet. You have to manually search for what you want and then you get a full list.

You also see a top-bar that houses options such as “movies”, “TV series” etc. Yes, it does have a large catalogue of TV shows as well. The best part? When playing shows, a list of episodes is displayed and can be played directly. This is rare for these Yesmovie alternative sites. 

Once you search for something, the top-bar offers even more options. Options such as “genre”, “country”, “movies”, “top IMDb” etc. This makes finding what you want even easier. 

 Once you click on a movie/show thumbnail, detailed information is revealed. This generally includes a Synopsis, genre, director, quality, release date, duration etc. 

The video-player offers a play/pause button, forward button and a button for captions/subtitles. You also get multiple servers for most content. This ensures even if a server is down, your entertainment isn’t hindered. 

4. Bmovies

Website: https://bmovies.vip/

BMovies has an interface that’s similar to Yesmovies.ag. There’s no movie content directly on the homepage rather you get a search-bar and a top-bar.

The top-bar offers tons of filters you can use to find your movies/shows. Some of these include genre, country, release year or there’s even an A-Z list! 

I was surprised at how fresh the content was. Some of the movies were days old, days not weeks! 

 The site sure is full of ads and launches a few new popups and windows on each click. You’ll also  Each movie thumbnail when clicked brings up the usual information, synopsis, release-date, duration, country, cast, etc. 

The video player does have a subtitle option, as well as quality-control options. You can even control the playback speed. Servers are abundant, for some movies I found over 8 active servers. 

5. MoviesJoy

Website: https://moviesjoy.plus/

You arrive on this website like Yesmovies and you get two options. Either use the search-box to instantly search for specific movies/shows, or, “view full site”. The latter option takes you to a page that has a very long list of available content.

If you selected the latter option, you’d get a page that will display hundreds of movies categorised into “Trending”, “Latest movies”, “Latest TV Shows” and “Coming soon”.

You of course can switch between movies and TV Shows. MoviesJoy does have some very new movies/shows. The quality is often impressive as well.

The movie-page has a thumbnail and detailed description of the cast, director, release-date etc. The synopsis here is rather short and not really detailed but I doubt that matters, does it?

Alternate servers are available for most content. These aren’t abundant but 2+ servers are almost always provided.

It’s not just a streaming site like Yesmovies but also has a “download” button when you play the movies. Of course the video player also has a quality-control as well as a subtitle option. In fact, a lot of movies I’ve checked also have in-built subtitles. 

6. 1HD

Website: https://1hd.to

Alike all other Yesmovies alternatives on this list, 1HD too has a homepage that gives you a search-bar, and a top-bar. Use the search-bar if you know what you’re looking for, use the top-bar if you’d just like to browse.

The top-bar lets you navigate to “movies”, “TV series” and “Top IMBd”. The movie pages list the movie information, let you add the movie to your watchlist or even “rate it”. The ratings actually help find popular content faster. 

There’s even a comment box and emoticons you can use to share your experience with other views on the site. 

Each movie has at least 2 servers, more if you’re lucky. There are a few ads but nothing that make you want to smash your screen. The video-player offers a “download” button, as well as quality-control options. Subtitles can be loaded as well, and yes some movies have those pre-included. 

7. Putlocker

Website: https://ww7.putlocker.vip/

Putlocker is probably one of the most widely known Yesmovies alternatives 2024. This site is an identical clone of Putlocker.

The homepage gives you options such as country, genre, movies, TV series, top IMDb, A-Z list etc. 

Of course a search-bar exists as well that lets you search for movies and content directly. 

However, my favourite is its search filters. The options on the top-bar can also be used as “search filters” to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The usual details are shared on the movie page, release-date, genre, quality etc. Talking of quality, most of the available content here is HD or better.

The site does have ads, quite a few of them. Even hidden ones. However, if you can look past those, it sure is one of the best sources to stream movies for free.

Frequently Asked Questions 

I’m sure you’ve found the Yesmovies websites you were looking for, haven’t you? Well, if you’re on this page, here are some questions you probably have, and their answers.

What is Yesmovies?

Yesmovies is a streaming platform that lets you stream and watch movies and shows. 

What happened to Yesmovies? 

The original version of Yesmovies has been down for some time. However, hundreds of Yesmovies replacements have surfaced in the meantime,.

How to block Yesmovies popup?

There are two ways to block Yesmovies popup. First, use an ad-blocker. Second, use a VPN. Using the VPN also grants you additional benefits such as anonymity, protection from viruses/malware, and in many cases faster streaming. 

Final words on Sites like Yesmovies

So those were the best sites like Yesmovies. As far as streaming movies for free goes, these should get you covered. 

What makes them the best? Well, the amount and freshness of content, server options, the control you get on the video player and so much more.  Of course, be sure to ascertain the legality of the content on these sites on your own. 

I wouldn’t waste any more of your time and let you go stream eh?

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